120+ easter decorating ideas creative and easy to manufacture

Since a few days, we feel the spring in the air. The sun shines in a different way and the light is more intense. Smiles arise on the face without special occasion and hope invades the soul. This is due to a restart that revives the desire for beauty and fills the eye with a rich palette of colors. The holiday of Easter approach and we want to "dress" the house of happiness and cheerfulness. So, at work! There are plenty of ideas for Easter decor.

Homemade Easter decoration

creative idea diy easter deco

However, we can "classify" the decorations of Easter in decorations for the garden or the terrace, decors for a real Easter table, interior decorations, children's decorations. No doubt, making your own Easter decoration doubles the pleasure. In preparing the party, we transform the waiting into strong emotion. Everyone loves surprises.

Indeed, there is a whole menagerie to discover for the little ones: fish, butterflies, rabbits, hinds, chickens, lambs, doves. Chocolate, paper, embroidered, sewn, knitted, lace. Unbridled fantasy! Certainly, if you are an artist and have a talent of painter even modest, go, go for it!

How to create a unique decor for Easter

decoration easter deco decoration idea

Daring DIY: Easter decoration

First, make your dishes fun and original . Every time you opt for a plate, on which a cute rabbit smiles, painted by yourself, you will not miss smiling yourself too.

Decorating the dishes is probably a good idea

deco table easter deco

It is true that handle the scissors and paper well to make a pop-up card is an occupation to cling to for hours.

Happy Easter Card

pop up deco easter card

Nothing more enticing than an Easter decoration to eat. The little zoo in chocolate molds will disappear in small mouths in the blink of an eye.

Chocolate figure

animals in chocolate mold easter deco

Let's not forget that Japanese origami art is conducive to realizing egg cups where to slice a chicken egg or chocolate.

Egg cup

easter decoration easter hen paper

Surely, the fashionable trend in Easter decor is the tie & dye style . It is necessary to obtain from the neighboring trade a simple food coloring to color the eggs nicely. It is easy to soak hard boiled eggs in powdered dye, dissolved in hot water and drizzled with a few drops of vinegar. All the rainbow will come down in your house.

Egg decoration

decorate eggs idea DIY deco easter

The inspiration took you? So, do not stop! The list of Easter decorating ideas continues.

Do not you think that folding towels is very classy? Unleash your imagination!

Deco table idea

easter bunny easter deco towel

grace with flakes or small crystals which you will cover the eggs, your party will be illuminated like splinters of small fireworks.

Coloring eggs

easter decoration deco idea eggs

What to do confetti, remained the last birthday? Instead of throwing small "drops" of color in the trash, take care to pick them up and keep them for a very eco-friendly Easter decoration. When the time comes, fill in confetti empty shells. That way, while having fun, you take care of the environment.

Malignant idea

easter decor fill empty confetti shells

As far as vintage fashion is still trend, crack for it, makes it look a little nostalgic. As material, it's simple: old newspaper, feathers, straw, an old key, some forgotten trinkets in the attic and the family moment promises tender childhood memories.

Vintage deco is still fashionable

decoration eggs vintage easter deco

Although we consider the hook a little old, he does not miss his addicts. So, baskets, in which to hide the eggs are easy to perform.

Pretty baskets for eggs

easter traditions easter deco

Another Japanese technique related to crochet is the amigurumi .

And of course the eggs "dressed"

knitting idea eggs easter deco

To conclude, hoping to have intrigued you, know that there is no more fun than doing one's own Easter decoration. Good opportunity to develop your imagination and creativity!

Handmade objects are one hundred percent personalized. A second asset is that to manufacture oneself, with non-pretentious material and found in the dresser, the family budget remains intact.

Easter eggs decoration

diy shiny eggs easter deco

easter easter eggs

easter bunny idea DIY easter deco

deco easter carving eggs

easter decoration idea diy couture eggs

decorate eggs for Easter easter deco

Indeed, the decoration with knitted lace is very trendy

easter decorating decoration eggs with thread

decoration ideas easter deco eggs

easter knitting easter idea

idea easter easter eggs easter

easter decoration decoration eggs seeds

decoupage easter eggs easter decoupage

The cutting technique

easter decorating idea carving eggs

easter egg art easter deco

easter decoration how to decorate eggs

easter decor egg painting

easter decoration vintage idea diy

vintage deco idea easter deco

Scandinavian motifs

DIY Easter Egg Decoration Idea

decorate Easter decoration eggs

diy decorated eggs easter deco

diy decorated eggs easter deco idea

easter idea beautiful easter deco eggs

knitting eggs easter deco

Floral decor is always a good idea for your Easter eggs

painted eggs easter deco

easter deco idea easter eggs

diy deco art eggs deco easter

decoration eggs string decoration easter

diy modern easter deco

diy artificial eggs deco easter

DIY idea Easter decoration knitting

A new trend: decorate with feathers

eggs decorated with feathers easter deco

decorated eggs idea DIY deco easter

decoration eggs with easter decoration lace

Easter wreath

easter wreath easter deco

decoration easter crown idea

crown idea DIY deco easter

diy crown fabric easter deco

And of course, the Easter-shaped Easter wreath

diy rabbit easter crown easter deco

diy idea easter easter bunny

easter easter sign easter crown

Table decoration

easter decoration idea festive table

festive table decoration easter decoration idea

beautiful deco idea of ​​easter festive table

decoration deco table easter

In case you like natural materials

deco wooden vase of easter

decorating ideas decorating easter

easter bunny porcelain deco easter

festive decor deco easter deco

decorative garland of easter decoration

decorate a decorating easter table

deco table decoration easter chickens

Easter tree

easter tree making easter deco

easter tree eggs easter deco

easter tree easter deco to manufacture

diy easter tree easter deco

Easter cake decoration

Easter ewe to manufacture

easter cake party decoration

diy easter greetings easter deco

easter cake easter easter idea

easter cakes easter deco idea

muffins deco easter idea

DIY Easter

diy eggs original easter easter deco

DIY Creative Easter Deco with Thread

deco table for easter deco easter

easter eggs wooden easter deco

deco fabric easter eggs

Yes, everyone loves Easter bunnies

small easter decor gifts

prepare idea easter deco

Easter bunny recycling Easter decoration

easter bunny easter deco idea

diy easter deco easter bunny recycling

diy easter bunny of pom pom deco easter

diy Easter rabbit felt easter deco

Hen in cloth

Easter chicken fabric easter deco

diy felt eggs easter deco

easter idea pretty easter deco

diy easter deco idea kids

diy easter deco with socks kids

diy deco easter jars mason jar

easter paper easter eggs

Thanks to the pompons we can make pretty decorations for Easter

eggs pom pom deco easter

Easter decoration cloth eggs

deco glass eggs easter

diy deco children deco easter

diy easter deco

diy Easter bunny easter deco fabric

easter decoration idea with eggs

Children's room decor

decoration easter deco door

easter decoration idea

diy easter deco paper

diy easter deco lace

diy decoration vases easter

Idea for kindergarten children

diy decorated pots easter deco

easter decoration fabric decoration

easter decor little decorative rabbits

easter decoration decorated egg

diy baskets kids deco easter

Garden decoration for Easter

easter bunny recycling easter decoration garden

easter bunny wooden deco easter

diy easter bunny cardboard deco easter

easter bunny easter deco garden

easter baskets to make easter deco

And also ... the house of the Easter Bunny

decoration of easter deco garden diy

Easter decoration with plants

easter decoration idea decoration eggs

diy deco table festive easter deco

easter decoration idea with plants

hanging eggs easter deco

easter basket to make easter deco

Simple decoration with small flowers

decoration with Easter decoration flowers

diy easter deco original egg cups

table decoration with Easter decoration plants

easter deco idea easter decor table

diy deco easter egg cups

Easter idea Easter decoration

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