13 ideas for reusing an empty tin can

Empty tin can - no, it's not just a useless aluminum packaging

Everybody uses heaps of tin cans in their daily lives to prepare meals. Then, after depriving them of their contents, they fell into the trash. But, instead of throwing them away, have you ever thought of recycling them to create functional decorative objects for the home? In reality, you can achieve multiple ingenious Do It Yourself projects for a zero budget. To help you decide, in this article we will talk about what we can do with an empty tin can.

Recently the economy and ecology are put forward. Recycling is trendy and it's absolutely unbelievable that you can invent anything with recycling. For example, tin cans are practical, environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. Their main assets are that they cost nothing and are easily customizable. No need to be a good handyman, you just need to have a little imagination. Here are some ideas of brilliant creations.

Use a can with caution

Cans offer countless possibilities in terms of creation. Once stripped, they can be easily transformed into all kinds of objects. Be careful though, as manipulations can be a bit dangerous. It is mandatory that you use special can openers that remove sharp edges to avoid injury.

Creations with cans

Green wall

Who does not like decorating their garden or balcony in an original way? The objects of recovery are more and more fashionable and their applications in the outside are varied. Making a plant wall with jars in cans is really great. Just repaint them and put flowers on them. Then hang them on a wall in a pallet or on a wooden swing and create a green space with less effort.

vegetable wall tin cans


For an original table or party decoration, consider making tealight candles from cans. Indeed, it is very simple: just drill holes with a hammer and a nail to form a pattern that will be enhanced by the candle flame.

candle jars

Bird feeder

In order to attract useful birds to your garden, prepare them a nice colorful feeder. You need an empty tin can and a rope. It's creative, right?

bird feeder tin can

Wall storage

Fix on the wall in your bathroom, kitchen or garage a storage box made of large aluminum boxes. For a good result, decorate with paint and / or masking tape.

tin cans wall storage

Drainer for cutlery

Turning an empty tin can into a beautiful drainer is quite simple. In this way, you will have an original industrial style utensil to decorate your work plan.

Photo : Diyfamily.fr

can drainer

Holder bouteuilles

By cutting the bottom of a few large cans and fixing them together, they can serve as a bottle rack design. You can paint the boxes in different colors and decorate with ribbons. For fixing it will require hot glue.

storage bottles tin can

Pencil organizer

The pencils will always be tidy on your desk with tin cans. Create cool custom jars with materials that everyone has at home.

pencil box keeps

Storage for your drawers

Certainly everyone wants to have perfectly arranged drawers. Well here you go, tin cans can be as useful in this case. Cut them to an appropriate height at the drawers and you can store small items.

tidy up a tin can drawer

Makeup pots

Make an improvised set of make-up pots with old boxes, paint, rope or fabric. Storing your cosmetics will now be a pleasure.

tin cans tidy up makeup

Fried decorations

Whether to beautify the table or a festive decor in the house, remember to recycle your aluminum boxes into vases.

floral decoration tin cans

Wind chime

If you have always wanted to have a carillon on the balcony or terrace, you have no more excuses to carry it out.

wind chime tin cans

Fun robots

A great deco idea is to create a small robot from cans. Have fun !

canning robot tin can


Create a lamp modern industrial design. Just pierce the bottom of a box and pass an electric bulb and its cable.

empty tin can lamp

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