30 beautiful vegetable wall ideas in a palette for your home or away

Make a plant wall in a recovery pallet

You want to have a green wall in the garden, in the living room or on the terrace to place plants? It is possible and especially at a good price!
You just have to recover wooden pallets and let your imagination create a small vertical garden that will be aesthetic but also practical.

The plant wall in a pallet makes it possible to introduce greenery into the house. It adapts well to any interior because there are many possibilities for design and colorization (you can use natural paint if you do not want to leave the pallets rough).

So that your plant wall can accommodate plants, the pallets must be waterproof and tearproof Aquanappe geotextile. It is fixed on the pallets by staples. Think about creating 'pockets' to put in potting soil. He leaves you after inserting plants. Regarding irrigation, it can be done by a system with a pump for example.

Below we present a selection of pretty vertic gardens of green wall type in pallet. Get inspired to create one in your home! It's simple but very attractive

Green walls

Vegetation via a plant wall can be done with a multitude of solutions

for example it is a garden of wooden pallets

The green wall is a wall on which plants grow

for example it is a hanging pallet garden

This wall combines the benefits of vegetation with innovative technology

for example it's a creative wall in a palette

They are too beautiful these plant walls in pallets

flowers planted in a vertical garden in palette

This is the latest novelty in projects DIY

for example it is a vertical wall with plants

After invading the public spaces, the green wall settled in the interiors and the gardens

vertical garden in pallet with flower pots

It's not too complicated to build such a wall

pallet garden

If you like flower decorations but you do not have enough space, it's a good solution

small vertical garden in wooden pallets

People are increasingly looking to maximize the use of their yard

green wall in orange palette

Small garden with an untreated palette

green wall pallet

The vertical garden attracts pollinating insects

vertical garden made of large wooden pallet

It's easy to start your flower wall

green wall in palette with pots

The green wall is an innovative way to grow a garden

green wall pallet

Envy, taste, a little effort

wooden wall wooden pallet

Except that it is aesthetic, greening also improves the quality of the air

green wall of rustic style

Wall in pallets with insect shelters

pallet wall with flowers and insect shelters

The green wall is ultra trendy

garden in palette with spring flowers

The creation of this wall does not take much time

small pallet wood garden

Compose a unique, original and customized plant wall

for example it's a garden on the wooden pallet wall

Opting for the green wall is a good idea

green wall of pallets painted in white

Freshness note

large palette with flower pots

Of all sizes and shapes, green walls adapt to any interior

for example, it is a vegetable wall in wedding decoration palette

Green spaces provide places of refuge, feeding and reproduction for wildlife

green wall made of pallet boards

Moisten your interior with the evapotranspiration of plants

for example it is a plant wall built of wooden pallets

Original decoration

hanging wall with flowers

If your balcony is small but your desire to green it persists

vertical garden made of pallet wood

Make your rooms enjoyable

for example it is a vertical garden of pallets

Without embarking on major projects, choose a natural decoration

wall in palette with climbing plants

The green walls are democratized both inside and out

large wall in pallets

Bring nature home

garden in wooden pallet

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