Advent calendar to do it yourself: ideas and tips

As you approach Christmas, you have decided to create the perfect Advent calendar. And you are certainly looking for good ideas. Indeed, there are thousands of models, filled with everything from Lego brick whiskey. They are very fun, but do not have a personal touch. If you want to create a special calendar and celebrate the season, this article is for you.

First, forget everything you know about calendars. Festive ones do not have the typical size of a normal calendar and can take many forms. The advent calendar has two very important characteristics: it must be numbered and must hide gifts. Of course, you can buy some one and complete it, but it would always be better to make yourself .

Do you know that the tradition of the Christmas calendar has its source in Germany in the 19th century

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What Materials to Use to Make an Advent Calendar

Gift boxes

Buy small cardboard gift boxes at a craft store, peel them with paint, stickers or ribbons and number them. You can also keep their original vision or give them a design look.

Gift bags

Take a bunch of colorful gift bags of different sizes and fill them with treats. You can draw or paste numbers directly on them, or you can attach numbered tags to them. Place them in a row, string them together or hang them directly on the Christmas tree.

Idea : Instead of gift bags, you can use envelopes. However, because of their flat nature, they are not suitable for all gifts, unless you want to hide in love notes, poems, photos or gift certificates. Once filled and numbered, you can attach the envelopes to a cork board, twist them with string or clothespins, or clip them directly onto a wreath or tree.

Original schedule to make yourself

tree calendar

Shoe organizer

The shoe organizers are perfect for storing your little packaged treasures. For example, you can place numbered tags on gifts, or you can cover each hole with numbered paper.


You can buy a few pairs of socks and fill them, then pinch them on a cork board or hang them up over the chimney with numbered labels.

The Advent calendar is appreciated by both children and adults

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What gifts can be hidden in the calendar

Once you have set the template for your calendar, it comes time to fill it with gifts. Chocolate is never a bad option, but there are other more personal treats you can include. Treats are normally preferred by children. By cons, for adults you can hide small bottles of whiskey why not or dried meat (be careful because most products of this type require refrigerated beings).

If the recipient of your condition is a woman, beauty and bath products are the way to go. The big brands have a lot of mini-products for this time of year: balms, lipsticks, bath salts, shampoo etc.

Party calendars can take many forms

calendar small houses

In reality, twenty-four days of gifts can be a little expensive. If you want to make someone's day more enjoyable every day in December, but do not want to spend too much money, opt for an inexpensive, but well-thought-out Advent calendar.

Idea : Fill out your calendar with romantic love notes, compliments, words of encouragement, drawings or even jokes. They will undoubtedly bring a little joy in the everyday life.

Of course, remember that you do not have to choose gifts of one kind. Do not hesitate to mix, in terms of type of gift and delivery system. There's no reason you can not give candy on December 5th, a nail polish on the 6th and a poem on the 7th. Finally, twenty-four days of any type of gift is super generous, and everyone would be very lucky to receive it.

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