Attic insulation: obligatory step in case of home renovation

Avoid heat loss through the roof with loft insulation

Attic insulation is a step that should not be overlooked when renovating your home. An uninsulated roof causes you extraordinary expenses that sometimes you do not even realize. There is evidence that roof heat loss can reach up to 30%. This is a good reason to isolate it no? Plus, it's easier than insulating walls or floors.

Attic insulation must be one of your priorities

convertible attic

The heat escapes and therefore your energy costs increase

home heat loss

Insulating materials

Indeed, it is possible to isolate the roof, the floor and the partitions. For this purpose different insulators are offered commercially: natural and synthetic. The choice depends mainly on the budget you have planned to spend. In addition, take into account that the quality of the materials is essential for the effectiveness of the insulation. The main insulators are:

  • the different types of wool (mineral: glass or rock, vegetable: cotton, linen, hemp, animal)
  • feather
  • polystyrene
  • wood fibers
  • perlite
  • cork
  • thin insulators (less thick but very fragile)

Attic insulation materials are varied

glass wool insulation

Polyurethane panels

polyurethane panels

Methods to isolate the attic

In short, there are two methods for insulating attics:

  • isolate from the inside: this is the simplest method of installing insulation panels between the roof and the partitions
  • isolate from the outside: the main advantage of this method is that we gain interior space, but on the other hand it involves major work because we must deposit the roof

The thermal insulation of floor by a wool to unwind is suitable for all lost height

insulate the attic

Insulating your attic or your roof is probably very profitable

attic insulation

Inner insulation of the attic

The interior insulation is currently in the house. We opt for this option most often because the price is more advantageous. Do not overlook the fact that it is easier to set up. The defect is that it reduces the volume of the attic. For the attics lost is not a big problem, but for living spaces it is not exactly the case.

For the interior insulation normally mineral wool is used in panels or rolls, polyurethane or polystyrene panels, plastic film (vapor barrier). The insulation is to be placed on the floor or between the joists of the roof.

The type of insulation is to choose according to your attic, your roof and your objectives

vapor barrier insulation

External insulation of the attic

When your attic is converted, it is almost mandatory to isolate them from the outside. It is also recommended to do this when building a new house. As we have already said, when it comes to renovating an old house, the external insulation of the attic leads to the removal and replacement of the roof . In addition, it requires more work and a considerable amount of money. However, the big advantage of this technique is to be able to save space inside the house.

There are different methods for laying the exterior insulation. The most popular techniques are seasoned caissons, sarking and the technique of sandwich panels. To learn more about each of them, follow the links.

sarking insulation

Attic insulation scheme

attic insulation lost

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