Awning - how to orient yourself in the choice

Choose an awning for the terrace or the balcony

Sun protection is a problem in the summer. Even triple glazing of higher quality could not stop the undesirable heat build-up in the interior and the greenhouse effect when outside temperatures are very high. To remedy all this, the awning is an effective solution. It is an integral part of the facade and protects it from the harmful rays of the sun.

Enjoy your terrace or balcony at any time

awning awning

An awning is actually an outdoor awning that installs to equip a terrace, a balcony, all types of windows, a canopy, a store entrance, restaurant, hotel etc. Generally, this type of awning consists of a fabric that wraps around a frame axis and articulated arms located under the winding tube that ensure the deployment (can reach 4 to 5 m) and the tension of the Web.

The operation of the awning can be manual or motorized. It can be attached to the wall or ceiling of your balcony.

The shadow created by a large awning brings without a doubt thermal comfort

motorized awning with gray integral trunk graffite

The awnings are elements of the exterior decoration. Merchants offer a wide variety of shapes, materials, colors and patterns. In short, there are mainly three models:

  • chest awning - that is to say, with an integral safety box of total protection of the fabric and arms against the bad weather
  • cassette (semi-safe awning) - that is to say with a half-box of protection of the fabric against bad weather
  • monobloc awning (awning) - that is to say without a trunk, simply with a small basic protection awning against the wind and the rain

Equipped with a awning, the terrace becomes an extension of the living area

patio awning

What to pay attention

Protection of the sun of your terrace and interior, decrease of the temperature

The awning awning fabric blocks solar rays and light. When the rays touch the canvas, most of it is reflected or absorbed, and some of the light is transmitted. Indeed, the bigger your blind, the more shade it provides. However, the depth of the shadow is determined by the advancement of the deployed arms. It is necessary that the awning can be deployed sufficiently to protect your terrace from the sun. Manufacturers offer 1.50 meters up to 4-5 meters. Regarding the width of the awning, it is advisable to install the widest possible for the dimensions of the terrace or balcony of course. Finally, do not forget the fabric of the store because there are differences in the quality, the protection and the life of the materials.

The sun protection plays the role of a natural air conditioner. Deploying a blind actually decreases the heat. This probably concerns the power consumption of air conditioners.

The awning is used exclusively to bring shade and freshness to terraces and balconies

manual awning


The price of the awning varies depending on the manufacturer, model, size, presence or lack of motorization, additional options, materials and mechanics.

The main technical characteristics are:

  • The wind resistance class of awning
  • The proposed warranty on the entire awning
  • The quality of arms and arm supports. There are several articulated arm mechanisms (1, 2 or 4 cables, ribbon, chain, piston ...)
  • The quality of the finishes
  • The quality of the canvas
  • The make and model of the engine if the blind is motorized

Robust and design, the awnings bring together technicality and attractive price

electric awning


The lambrequin brings a touch of deco but it is also a sun protection accessory. There are straight or wave shaped lambrequins, rolling / rolling lambrequins, with Led lighting integrated into the awning arms.

Equip your façade with a quality terrace awning

outdoor awning

Several types of fasteners, as well as many canvas colors and mechanisms are commercially available

awning semi-safe

Customizable shades optimally shade your exterior

pink outdoor awning

self-supporting terrace awning

awning orange awning

patio awnings

house awning

On the reinforcing side, most manufacturers offer customized products that best fit the façade of each building.

round awning

striped canvas awning

white awning

The awning is suitable for most architectures

manual projection blind

chest awning

awning awning


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