Baby walker - interesting models for your baby's first steps

Baby trotter is very comfortable, with a tablet of activities, toys, music and lights, to entertain and accompany your baby in the walk.

Nevertheless you are eager to see your baby's first steps. Here we offer a selection of photos to inspire you to choose easier this type of accessories.

The use of the trotter is necessary for your child, to stimulate his walk. It is a product, the purpose of which is to help develop its gross motor skills.

Generally, it is a seat with wheels, which is of course comfortable for the baby. There are also some criteria to consider, when you have to make your choice.

Comfortable baby walker

How to choose the best baby walker

It is important to first expect your baby to sit alone - from 6 months, and then choose the baby walker. Also take into consideration the European standard for safety on trotters NF EN 1723. Choose a solid model that complies with the standard, to avoid accidents.

Baby walker in bright colors

Opt on a trotter with a tablet of games

The other thing that is important is the ability to easily adjust the trotter height in different positions - 2 or 3 for example. At the same time, opt for a model whose wheels are with safety brakes. Nevertheless the 360 ​​° swivel wheels are also a good choice. To have fun for your child, the baby walker has a removable electronic games tablet, with sounds and lights, to awaken your baby. It is very practical and allows baby to play and listen to different melodies. And of course, when you choose this product, it is necessary to combine the size of the baby walker with the dimensions of your room. It is to find his place at home easily.

The other important criterion is the maintenance of the seat cover, always choose removable and washable, for easy cleaning and perfect hygiene.

To choose the best baby walker for your baby

Do not hesitate to buy a trotter that complies with the European safety standard 1273

Batman baby walker model for your little boy

To encourage your baby's mobility

Or choose a trotter with mirrors

Trotter 3 in 1

Baby walker combined

Of course, in the market there is a great diversity of models. For example there are products combined to use first as a trotter and then as a carrier. And finally, always use the trotter under constant supervision.

Combined trotter - 3 in 1

Another very pretty model

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