Bathroom layout - ideas for organization and decoration

Bathroom layout - it can be a real headache

The bathroom is an important piece in the house, with a sustainable development in time. Are you looking for good ideas for bathroom design? We offer some tips to enjoy a nice bathroom, a well organized and very deco relaxation area.

Small, large, with or without bathtub, the bathroom is a room where we certainly like to feel good. When fitting in the first place, the volume of the room must be taken into account. However, whatever the size, it is necessary to provide a sleek and clever layout to create an impression of storage and functionality. The arrangement of the different elements depends of course on the shape of your bathroom. But do not forget to define the number of people who will use it.

The layout of a beautiful bathroom can be a difficult task. Tile, arrivals and evacuation of water, paint, shower, bath, double basin, bathroom sink , towel warmer, radiator, light fixtures. Manufacturers compete inventiveness to suit all tastes including furniture. Suspended vanity units, colored or not, with lockers or drawers, easy opening cupboards, smart storage, space saving column. Lacquered finishes, matte, powder, wood effect for a chic and warm atmosphere. Aesthetics, new bathroom are also very practical.

Whatever the surface and configuration of the bathroom, it is always possible to find ideas for storage in the trade or to achieve custom. Get inspired!

Tips for properly storing space and creating aesthetics

Storage wall

In the bathroom, storage takes place wherever they can. They can be seen in the form of a cabinet or custom-made niches where everyone can put their bath accessories.

Modular and shallow, these storage units can occupy even the entire wall of the bathroom

Hanging storage above the washbasin

So that spaces do not lose functionality, it is often opted for openwork storage shelves, installed above the basin. Thus, one can put his beauty products.

Closed or open, there is plenty of storage space in this bathroom

An angle of wall exploited by the storage

In a small space every centimeter is important. We can of course use the corners of the walls to install storage shelves. They take the form of this one to better adapt to it.

Bathroom layout: you have to take advantage of each square centimeter

High storage column

Normally the tall storage columns are installed next to the vanity unit. Despite the width that is often reduced, the depth of the cabinet allows to store bathroom accessories.

By opting for a bespoke piece of furniture the place is free in this small space

Niches in the wall

Sober and minimal, the niches in the walls highlight some beauty products. Whenever possible, creating this type of storage saves a lot of space.

This openwork niche has found its place above the bathtub

Storage shelf under the sink

Instead of integrating a closed furniture you can bet on a storage shelf. Sufficient depth, you can store all your accessories.

Maximum operating space a shelf has been installed below the sink

Shower or bath

The first question you ask yourself when you are renovating your bathroom is whether you are going to install a bath or a shower. It all depends mainly on the volume you have. But remember, it is quite possible to install a small bathtub in a narrow bathroom. An alternative to the bathtub, the shower has the advantage of maximizing the space available in a small bathroom.

Give style to your small bathroom with a dynamic color

Bathroom layout with shower cabin


Having in mind that some bathrooms do not have windows, the lighting is very important. The lighting also allows for a warmer atmosphere. You can choose both practical bathroom lighting, and other, more decorative, for the atmosphere: sconces, suspensions, lamps to ask.

The role of lighting in the bathroom layout is also important


In a family bathroom we often put on a double washbasin so that everyone has their own storage space. The other option is to install a child washbasin.

Floor tile

Small bathrooms love opposite styles and colors. They harmonize in small spaces and sometimes in large ones.


With their golden outline and retro shape, vintage mirrors take place in the bathroom more and more often.

Indeed vintage mirrors are very trendy in the bathroom layout

Small decorative accessories

Complete the decorative accessories of your bathroom with design and practical hooks. In commerce they are offered many models and shapes to satisfy your tastes.

Butterfly hooks

Multiple ranges of towel warmers can also be found at the market with innovative modern designs or retro, various finishes, chrome or painted.

For your storage you can also opt for decorative baskets.

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