Bathtub with door - main features and benefits

Bathtub with door - find the bathing pleasure

The bathtub with door is a special arrangement of your habitat to make it more secure.

46% of falls occur at home, especially in the bathroom. The bathtub with a door is a suitable and safe solution. Its door avoids stepping over the tub which represents a significant obstacle for people with low mobility (elderly or disabled). In fact, the entrance step does not exceed the height of a sidewalk.

In the first place, these baths have a door that allows you to get inside with ease

bathtub with door

bathtub with door with head

An alternative to the classic bathtub

Mainly there are two types of bathtubs of this type: long where it is possible to lie completely and which can be equipped with a lift seat, and baths hoofs, smaller, with a sitting position and which save money. of the place.

This long tub has an integrated seat that allows the user to enjoy the benefits of a bath

for example it is a long bath with door with seat

Well designed, this bath fits both large and small bathrooms

for example it is a bathtub with a spa door

To secure the bathroom, the bathtub on the door is an alternative to the classic bathtub. According to the needs of each person and the configuration of the bathroom, different models are proposed to which we can add options. For example some baths are equipped with balneotherapy systems or chromatherapy.

The bathtub with door can also be equipped with comfort options: balneotherapy or others

corner bath

Of course the floor of the bathtub must be anti-slip

bathtub with shower door

The bathtub with door adapts to any type of interior with its dimensions to measure, the wide choice of colors and its aesthetic vision. Whether with a front or side door, it fits well in your bathroom.

for example it is an orange bathtub with door

two features tub and shower

These baths have only one constraint: it is necessary to go inside before filling them and wait for the water to flow out of it. However, the filling time is identical to that of a conventional bathtub so it is not a big problem.


The bathtub with door can be made of different materials. The choice of material for your bathtub largely determines the price of the installation.

Bathtub in gel coat

Gel coat is a sanitary quality paint that is used as a finishing coat for the bathtub. The bathtub is molded in one block. The gel coat is deposited in the mold as well as several layers of resin and fiberglass.

Acrylic Bathtub

Acrylic is a plastic that offers lower strength than the combination of fiberglass, resin and gel coat. It is reinforced by a resin called Greensir.

The acrylic is non-slip and in addition it is natural insulation that keeps hot water longer.

Bathtub in ABS

ABS is a thermoplastic that makes molded tubs. This material is very resistant and has anti-slip qualities.

Types of bathtubs to door depending on the opening and shape

Hoof bath with door: does not allow to lie down, has a seat preformed most often, the immersion is not total.

hoof bath on the door

Classic bathtub with door: allows to lie down, immersion is total.

This type of bathtub takes all the forms to allow to take a bath in sitting or lying position

for example it is a bath with shower

With lift seat: The seat crosses the bath rim on each side.

bath shower : The shower screen serves as a door, can be equipped with a seat, allows to lie down.

The bathtubs with door can be obviously bath-showers with two functionalities

bathtub door

Some bathtubs offer the opening of the door on the left or right, but also inwards or outwards.


The installation of a bathtub with door is accompanied in principle by several accessories (some optional).

Currently there are many practical accessories that can be added for optimized comfort

actually it's a double draining bathtub

  • support and support bars fixed to the wall
  • bath seat: built-in or lift version (electric: lowers and reclines thanks to a remote control, sometimes pivoting)
  • anti-slip coating
  • door opening handle: snap or twist handle
  • taps: mixer taps, mixer, etc.
  • showerhead: placed on the edge of the bathtub
  • non-slip flooring (around the bathtub): non-slip mats, raised tiles, etc.
  • bath pillow or headrest
  • bathtub bridge: tray for laying products
  • balneotherapy options: whirlpool, bubble, jet, etc.


The price of a walk-in bathtub depends on the material, size, make and model, installation and additional options. Prices usually start at € 2,000 and can go up to € 17,000.

Above all, you need to define your needs according to your expectations

bathtub with luxury door

example of bath with rounded door

Do you need to modify your current bathroom? Either because of a move, or because your conventional bathtub is becoming less comfortable or it seems dangerous to you. Indeed, it is enough to adapt your environment to your needs. Finally, equipment nowadays makes life easier. So nothing is easier than installing a bathtub on the door and you'll be safe.

The bathtub door offers comfort and security thanks to easy access

bathtub with shower screen

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