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Nowadays, keeping your beard is a necessary ritual for men.

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To take care of one's beard and one's skin too, it is necessary to use a special selection of products to maintain the beard. It brings a touch of style, authority, character and respect. Generally, the use of a beard maintenance product is easy and very simple. In this article you can find our effective tips on how to have a well-maintained beard.

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First of all, to take care of your beard, start with the products to clean your beard, simple and effective - soap or shampoo.

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Product maintenance beard- the shampoo

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Shampoo for a silky and shiny beard

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So, you know everything that the beard needs a regular cleaning. It is necessary to know what are the important features from the point of view of shaggy fungi. Of course, when choosing a beard shampoo, consider the type of your beard - mixed, dry, or thick. In our opinion, the other important thing is always to favor natural beard care products rich in vegetable oils. Do not hesitate to opt for a non-aggressive shampoo, without paraben, silicone, alcohol, dye or perfume.

As a result, your beard will be in the first clean place, with no traces of sebum and pollution. In addition, it will be well hydrated, sweet and flavored too. With the shampoo, the facial skin is without irritation and problems. Apply once or twice a day to get a good result.

Shampoo to wash your beard

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Beard oil

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Beard oil is very pleasant to use, to have a soft and shiny beard. It is an essential product to deeply nourish the dry hair of the beard and the mustaches, and to take care of its skin too. The oil leaves a slight odor on your beard and helps maintain healthy skin. From the point of view of aroma of oil, there are products with mango, vanilla, lemon, sandalwood etc. Apply a few drops of oil on the beard or whiskers and massage. To moisturize skin and hair well and be satisfied, apply daily. Finally, shake your beard and get in shape. Nevertheless she will be beautiful and brilliant.

For a shiny beard

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Beard balm

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Just like shaving oil, balm is an ideal product to take care of your beard and fix it too. It hydrates and nourishes the skin and at the same time disciplines the hair. It's thanks to its blend of organic vegetable oils and beeswax. Also it contains shea butter, if the ingredients are 100% natural. The balm effectively protects the skin, fixes and moisturizes the hair. It also reduces irritation. Balm is more suitable for men with a long and thick beard. For use, first warm up between your hands and then apply on the beard while massaging.

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Care product barbeque

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The mustache wax allows you to put your mustaches in shape in a simple way. It is an essential product to stylize your mustache and make it shine. In fact, the wax moisturizes and nourishes the hair too. First wash and brush the beard and whiskers and after that heat the wax between your fingers and apply.

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Brush and comb to take care of his beard

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The other essential product to maintain his beard is the brush. Nevertheless, to have a very beautiful beard in good condition, daily brushing is necessary. The brush is very useful for removing dead skin and obtaining a shiny beard, more uniform and without knots. Opt for a model with plant hair for example. For use, first wash and let the beard dry and then brush. In case you prefer a comb to give a shape to his beard, opt for a wooden product, to avoid static electricity. The combs in pocket size are very practical.

Brush and balm to shape your beard

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Sandalwood comb


How to choose a beard care product

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