Benefits and uses of banana peel

Before throwing banana peel, consider our tips how to use it everyday - for face, skin, silverware and more

banana skin ideas

Generally, the consumption of banana has a lot of benefits on our health. It is a fruit that is rich in vitamin C and B6, and it also contains the mineral potassium, manganese, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, iron. But do you know how you can use banana skin for skin, or even to clean furniture, shoes, flowers.

Find here what are the uses of banana peel.

Do not throw banana peel

banana skin tips

Using banana peel for health and beauty

banana peel for health and beauty

Moisturize your skin: One of the benefits of a banana's skin is its effectiveness of deeply moisturizing and nourishing dry skin. It is ideal for treating the epidermis of the skin and making your face look younger and softer. Just apply the banana peel on your cleansed face and let it dry for 15 minutes and then rinse.

To have a skin hydrated and without wrinkles

to have a face without wrinkles, opt for banana peel

Treat acne: You can also use the skin to reduce irritation. Of course, the application of the skin on your face is one of the variants to treat pimples. The other idea for removing acne scars is to prepare a mask with banana peel. Mix it with a few drops of lavender essential oil or olive oil and apply on the face. Let stand for 10 - 15 minutes before rinsing.

banana peel to get a hydrated skin

Against warts: Simply apply a small piece of banana peel on the warts, fix it with a bandage. Leave for the whole night. Repeat this for a few days, to have an effect.

To remove warts

banana peel for the skin

Against warts

banana peel for plants

To whiten teeth: Banana peel can be used to whiten your teeth. All you need to do is rub your teeth with the inside of the skin each day. Nevertheless it will whiten the teeth in a natural way.

No doubt the peel will help you whiten your teeth

banana peel to whiten teeth

banana peel for teeth

Using banana peel in the house

Shine the cooking utensils: In case you need to clean metal or silver utensils, banana peel is the perfect solution. This is a simple and effective tip, to shine the cooking utensils, using the inside of the skin.

Shine silver cookware

clean silver cookware

Or metal

banana peel for cooking

Feed the plants: You can use small pieces of peel to feed the potting soil naturally. Place them on the potting soil, around the stem of the plant. And like beer, you can polish the leaves of your plants with peel.

Rub the leaves of the plants with a banana peel

how to care for your banana peel plants

To take care of your plants

banana peel for plants

In an easy way

for banana peel plants

Shoes: But yes, the skin can also be used to maintain and polish leather shoes. Rub them with the inside of the skin, to make them brighter. Then clean with a cloth.

banana peel for shoes

Wooden furniture: The inside of the banana peel will make the furniture shine.

wooden furniture banana peel

banana peel to maintain the furniture

banana skin for furniture

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