Bird feeder: DIY ideas to easily make

If you also love nature, and more precisely birds, today we offer some DIY bird feeder ideas to make yourself at home. By installing the bird feeder suspended from the branch of a tree or placed on the ground, you can attract and feed birds, beautify your outdoors and observe your feathered friends. In addition, you can enjoy the singing of birds during the day outside. If you are a bird lover and want to easily make yourself a pretty bird feeder, here are our ideas. Finally, do not forget to clean the feeder regularly.

DIY ideas for bird friends and recovery fans

bird feeder ideas

Bird feeder - DIY projects

bird feeder from plates

Make a bird feeder using a plastic bottle

Here is a very good DIY idea quick and easy to make, from a recycled object - a plastic bottle . You will only need one empty plastic bottle and one or two spatulas or wooden spoons, cord and seeds. First, you have to clean the bottle. Then drill two small holes to insert spatulas. Fill with seeds and hang on a tree. There you go!

Thanks to this beautiful feeder, you help the birds to survive

bird feeder bottle

Hang on the branch of a tree


Recycle old bottles and plates

bird feeder

Creative idea with a tea cup

It may sound weird - making a bird feeder using a cup, but it's actually an ultra easy DIY idea. All you need is a tea or coffee cup, a mixture of bird seeds, coconut oil or lard, a small branch of wood and a rope. Pour the melted oil and seeds into the cup and place the branch to obtain a bird perch. Let cool and hang the cup.

Or even, you can recycle a coffee cup ...

bird feeder idea

To blacken birds

coffee cup for a bird diy feeder

Feeder with a tin can

You need a can, a sprig, some glue and a rope. You must first glue the twig on the underside of the box to make a perch. Fill with seeds and hang on a tree. For example, you can decorate the box with paint.

Idea recovery: bird feeder from a can

bird feeder tin can

Recycling tin can

bird feeder box can

Orange feeder

Orange manger? It's nevertheless a cool idea to make from the peel of an orange. Cut the orange in half and empty it with a spoon, wash and dry. Make four holes and pass the rope, to be able to suspend the manger. Finally fill the orange with a mixture of seeds and hang it on a branch.

With a little imagination and with the help of your children, you can easily achieve

this pretty bird feeder

diy bird feeder orange

And still an idea to test - with a tree trunk

diy idea bird feeder

Or even, go for the basket picnic , to protect the birds from the rain

unique idea bird feeder

Lego bricks - great idea to inspire you

bird feeder from lego

In addition, you can recycle the toilet paper roll tube

bird roll toilet bird feeder

bird feeder how to achieve

plastic bottle bird feeder

idea how to make a bird feeder

bird feeder coffee cup

original idea bird feeder

Recycle the cardboard egg box

bird feeder of an egg box

bird feeder our ideas diy

diy bird feeder project

bird feeder of a glass bottle

Bird feeder from a pumpkin

recycling idea for a bird feeder

bird feeder of glass jar

bird feeder coconut

Use the cake pan not only for cooking desserts

bird feeder how to do

box bird feeder

bird feeder diy

wooden bird feeder

bird feeder idea with oranges

Easy activity for tinkering with children during holidays

bottle for a bird feeder

diy bird feeder wooden

bird feeder simple to do

proposal diy bird feeder

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