Birthday cake ideas for a kid

Every child wants to celebrate their birthday with a lot of friends, gifts, games and with a birthday cake of course. But how to choose the perfect decoration - these are some ideas to inspire you.

Birthday cake ideas for a kid

To create a beautiful party, it is very important to make a beautiful birthday cake - unique and unforgettable. On one hand, you can prepare the cake yourself, if you fancy and creativity, following a photo idea, for example. For ingredients, you can choose from chocolate, whipped cream, yoghurt, decorated with biscuits, fruit, sugar paste etc.

On the other hand, you can let the pastry chef prepare it for a successful birthday. We will give you some ideas for choosing the best cake for your child.

Very pretty birthday cake

Birthday cake ideas for a kid

Since it's an adorable cake

child birthday cake

Or with lots of candy

Birthday cake ideas for a kid

child birthday cake

For a boy

Birthday cake ideas for a kid

Do not forget the football theme - always up-to-date

Birthday cake ideas for a child 1

Birthday cake for a boy

birthday cake

birthday cake 2

The cake is the most desired dessert at the end of the meal. The children sit around the table waiting to see the cake, blow the candles and then eat with pleasure. Indeed, thematic children's birthday cakes are fashionable nowadays. Girls prefer Soy Luna cakes, Snow Queen, or Dory fish, for example. For boys, preferable birthday cakes are Batman Heroes, Minions, Ice Age, Cars etc. In case you are looking for a thematic birthday cake inspiration for your child, look here:

"Minion" cake

No doubt, we love these little yellow creatures. Here are some cake ideas.

birthday cake minions

Adorable cake

minions birthday cake 3

Minions cake party

birthday cake minions 4

A very pretty minion

birthday cake minions 5

birthday cake minions 6

birthday cake minions 7


birthday cake minions

birthday cake minions 8

For a child who loves Minions

birthday cake minions 9

birthday cake

"Star wars" birthday cake

Since "Star Wars" has a lot of fans, still a theme cake idea for your child's birthday.

birthday cake star wars bb 8

star wars birthday cake

Joda on the cake

star wars 10 birthday cake

For example a cake in black

Birthday cake ideas for a kid

"May the strength be with you" cake

star wars storm trooper birthday cake may the force be with you

Original idea for a cake

star wars birthday cake

"Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse" cake

So, we'll give you some examples of cakes for a child of Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse, because they are current too.

Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse cake

"Mickey mouse" cake

Mickey mouse cake and Minnie mouse 11

"Minnie mouse" cake in pink

Mickey mouse cake and Minnie mouse 12

For a girl

Mickey mouse cake and Minnie mouse 13

Mickey mouse cake and Minnie mouse 14

For a little girl

Mickey mouse cake and Minnie mouse 15

Mickey mouse cake and Minnie mouse 16


Mickey mouse cake and Minnie mouse 17

Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse cake 18

for example

Mickey mouse cake and Minnie mouse 19

Mickey mouse cake and Minnie mouse 20

"The Snow Queen" cakes

And of course, we must mention the story of Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Kristoff, when we talk about thematic birthday cake.

"The Snow Queen" cake


"The Snow Queen" cake 21

A cake with Olaf

"The Snow Queen" cake 22

"The Snow Queen" cake 23

An interesting shaped cake

Birthday cake ideas for a kid

"The Snow Queen" cake

"The Snow Queen" cake 24

Thematic cake

"The Snow Queen" cake 25

Birthday theme - Elsa

"The Snow Queen" cake 26

"The Snow Queen" cake 27

"Winnie the Pooh" birthday cake

Indeed, the theme of "Winnie the Pooh" is also current when you have to choose a birthday cake. The cakes are always pretty and adorable.

Birthday cake "Winnie the Pooh"

For a happy birthday

"Winnie the Pooh" Birthday Cake 28

Birthday cake "Winnie the Pooh" 29

Since the theme "Winnie the Pooh" is fashionable too

"Winnie the Pooh" birthday cake 30

"Soy Luna" cake

Nevertheless, we must not forget the theme of "Soy Luna" - the girl on the rollers. Here are some cake ideas to make, for an undoubtedly current and original birthday.

"Soy Luna" cake

Because the cakes of "Soy Luna" are very current today

"Soy Luna" cake 31

"Soy Luna" cake 32

On the other hand, cakes are excellent for having a perfect birthday

"Soy Luna" cake 33

At the same time, the cake can be thematic and personalized too

"Soy Luna" birthday cake

"Dora the Explorer" Cake

In truth, the cake themes of cartoon - annoyed characters are very desired and modern. Here we present ideas for a cake for "Dora the Explorer".

"Dora the explorer" cake

For children who love this character

"Dora the Explorer" cake 34

"Dora the Explorer" cake 35

"Dora the Explorer" cake 36

"The trolls"

And now, another idea how to decorate the perfect cake for your boy or girl's birthday.

the birthday cake trolls

A very interesting dessert, pretty and original too

the birthday cake trolls 37

"The trolls"

the birthday cake trolls 38


the birthday cake trolls 39

Finally, we offer other cake decorations that are very current among children.

"Ariel" cake is beautiful too

child birthday cake

Because the "Batman" cake is perfect for boys

child birthday cake 40

child birthday cake 41

Or those pretty cakes in yellow

child birthday cake 42


child birthday cake 43

child 44 birthday cake

Princess cakes also fashionable

Birthday cake ideas for a kid

A cake probably very desired among girls

child birthday cake

Because every girl dreams of being a princess one day

45 birthday child cake

And to wear a crown too

child birthday cake 46

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