Blackout curtains - important element of decoration of your room

Blackout curtains are a very practical way to cover windows in the bedroom or living room. Thanks to the thick fabric, these curtains will protect you from light, cold, heat, noise and waves too.

blackout curtains colors

Well chosen, the curtains are the final touch for a perfect decoration. There are different types of curtains:

  • Curtains with heavy fabrics - blackout curtains, insulation, double - curtains etc.
  • Curtains with light fabrics - sheers, lace.
  • Blinds - Japanese curtains for example.

Blackout curtains

blackout curtains in blue

No doubt combining curtains and cushions is a very good idea

gray blackout curtains and ciussins

They are perfect for cooking too

blackout curtains for the kitchen

Definitely they are perfect for the living room

green curtains

Or for example

blackout curtains in green

To decorate the room with style


In a brown color

blackout curtains

Blackout curtains in green

blackout curtains 1

In gray color

blackout curtains 2

Blackout curtains

First, the blackout curtains are insulating and protect you from light and UV rays. To dress your windows, block the light and create a cozy atmosphere at the same time, this type of curtains is a good solution for you.

blackout curtains in bloom

Gray curtains

gray blackout curtains

Blackout curtain in blue

blackout curtains

Or in two colors

blackout curtains 3

To sleep well

blackout curtains 4

Blackout curtain for the bedroom

blackout curtains in blue

Sound and thermal blackout curtain

On the other hand, there is a range of curtains against the heat, the cold and the outside noises - acoustic and thermal blackout curtain. They are ideal for the bedroom, as they block the light, but also reduce the noise coming from the outside for a light sleep in the dark. And it's an ideal solution for your living room too. Noise curtains reduce decibels, thanks to layers of tussus. If you want to separate workspaces, for example, do not hesitate to choose this type of curtains. The thermal curtain keeps the warm in the winter and the cool in the summer. This type of curtains can be installed also on the front door to keep the heat.

Thermal curtain

blackout curtains

A phonic blackout curtain

blackout curtains 5

Thermal curtain

blackout curtains 6

White thermal curtain

blackout curtains 7

For thermal and sonic insulation

thermal blackout curtains and sound insulation

Because the child's room must be pretty

blackout curtain for a child's room

Because we can separate the room with a blackout curtain

blackout curtain to separate the room

And another idea where to place the curtain

blue blackout curtain on the door

For a room without noise

Blackout curtains - important element of decoration of your room

Electromagnetic wave curtain

In fact, this is a novelty among the curtains on the market. Those are the anti - wave curtains to limit the exposure of Wi - Fi, laptops, 3G, 4G, relay antennas too. According to health studies, electromagnetic waves have a negative impact on the state of our health - loss of sleep, headaches and others.

Because we love the interior with blackout curtains

gray curtain

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