Brazilian smoothing - the natural technique of smoothing and hair care

Brazilian smoothing, or even called a Brazilian keratin treatment, is an effective and miraculous solution to strengthen your hair

Brazilian smoothing result

If you have tired, brittle or damaged hair, do not hesitate to test the Brazilian smoothing. In addition, this type of smoothing will repair and deeply treat your hair, using natural ingredients, suitable for all types of hair.

Brazilian smoothing - miraculous treatment for all hair types

example of a Brazilian smoothing

Brazilian smoothing, what is it?

It is a smoothing technique using keratin. Originally, it is a hair care. It is suitable for all types of hair, but it is for women with curly or curly hair. Keratin is a natural protein, which is created by the human body to build hair, nails. It makes up 97% of the hair. The objective of this treatment is to nourish the hair in depth with natural keratin, without damaging the hair fiber. It must penetrate inside the scales and inject a smoothing care - the keratin. The Brazilian smoothing will restore a brilliant shine to your hair and the effect is 3 to 4 months. Depending on the length of your hair and salons, Brazilian smoothing costs between 200 and 300 €.

It is advisable to always consider the ingredients of the product for keratin treatment. Avoid the product that contains more than 0.2% formalin, or opt for a product without formalin.

Before / after

shiny hair using Brazilian smoothing

Step by step

The first phase of Brazilian smoothing is the opening of the scales, using a clarifying shampoo to facilitate the penetration of the keratin. After the shampoo, the hairdresser must dry the hair 100% and divide it into four parts.

The result

Brazilian smoothing shiny hair

Phase two is the application of the keratin smoothing product carefully, lock by strand, without touching the hair roots. Using a comb, she removes the excess of the smoothing product and lets it rest on the hair for 15 minutes.

Then your hairdresser must dry the hair with the help of the dryer and the brush. The next step is the activation of the product by the heat - the smoothing of the hair. Using a straightener with ceramic plates, the hairdresser smooths the hair, wick by wick (they must be very thin). It will then be necessary to wait for 48 hours and 72 hours before rinsing the product, and it is also advisable to smooth the hair with the straightener at least once a day, to obtain a good result. Here is the place to mention that you must avoid rain and any moisture, and not wear hat, elastic too.

Straighten hair

Brazilian smoothing

Before and after treatment

Brazilian smoothing before after

Hair care

brazilian smoothing before after

smooth hair smoothing brazilian

The effects of Brazilian smoothing last 3 or 4 months. To maintain your hair the best way, you must buy a shampoo without sodium sulphates and without silicone. And finally, to maintain the hair, you must use a mask rich in keratin once a week. The result of a Brazilian smoothing - hair is smooth and soft, keratin nourishes and repairs deeply.

before after Brazilian smoothing

blonde hair smoothing brazilian

smoothing brazilian long hair

curly hair Brazilian smoothing

brazilian hair straightening

Brazilian smoothed hair smoothing

Brazilian hair straightening

keratin therapy brazilian smoothing

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