Brewer's yeast - what are the beauty uses

Find here the benefits of yeast and how to use it to maintain its beauty

brewer's yeast in a bowl

First, it is a miraculous product, very rich in B vitamins, minerals and proteins. Beer yeast contains microscopic fungi, it is a natural probiotic. So, it is very rich in vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B8, B9, E, A. The brewer's yeast also contains the minerals: calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, potassium.

Here we will give you some tips how to use beer yeast, to take care of skin, hair, nails.

What are the benefits of this product

beer yeast for beauty

There are two types: active and dormant beer yeast. Active yeast (living or revivable) is composed of living microorganisms. It has been dried at low temperature and the living organisms that compose it remain alive. She is a natural probiotic. Take into consideration that active beer is not recommended for immunocompromised individuals and on chemotherapy. The one that is inactive, is dried at high temperature, more than 40 ° C. It does not contain unicellular fungi. But it has retained its nutritional properties, and can be used to take care of skin, hair, nails.

Miraculous product

secret beauty beer yeast

Beer yeast for hair

First, the vitamins that play a major role in maintaining the beauty of hair are vitamins B5 and B8, and vitamin A as well. The result of absence of these vitamins is brittle hair and without shine. Group B vitamins are very important for maintaining skin, hair, nails. Proteins are also essential for healthy hair. They are perfect if you have damaged, dry or brittle hair. Beer yeast also contains folic acid - B9, which has an effect for cell renewal.

The regular consumption of this product helps to strengthen the hair, promote the synthesis of keratin, which is very important for the health and rapid growth of hair. Nevertheless, it is an ideal product to strengthen and make the hair shinier and limit the fall. It is very effective to use it in the form of a mask to nourish the hair too.

Brewer's yeast to limit hair loss

brewer's yeast to take care of her hair

Take care of the skin

To take care of your skin, nothing better than a treatment with brewer's yeast. It is a product naturally rich in vitamins and minerals, which is very effective against the problems of the skin. This is because the brewer's yeast has antibacterial and purifying properties. It is ideal to fight against eczema, acne, dermatoses too. With the antioxidants it contains, it will help fight wrinkles and regulate sebum production, purify pores and moisturize the skin too. As a result she is smoother and healthier. Know that you can use it in the form of a mask, or even in the form of flakes or tablets.

brewer's yeast to fight against acne

Fortify the nails

The other beauty secret of brewer's yeast is the use against brittle nails. In addition, it will accelerate the growth of nails and make them more resistant, more beautiful and healthy.

how to care for nails with brewer's yeast

How to grow nails faster

fortify the nails with brewer's yeast

Against brittle nails

beer yeast take care of the nails


So, it's important to mention, it's a dietary supplement. That is why it is advisable to consume it three months maximum. And also the duration of a cure is at least a month. In internal use, you can sprinkle it in the dishes. In adults, the dosage is 2 - 3 g per day, eating, for example.

yeast of beer for healthy hair

Natural fortifier

beer yeast for the skin

consume beer yeast

spoon beer yeast

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