Bunk bed to do it yourself: instructions and tips

The bunk bed is an effective solution for optimizing space in a small room. Space-saving, combining brilliant ergonomics with a pleasing aesthetic and playful functionality, it is suitable for any interior style in any contemporary home. In addition, children love this type of bed. Building it yourself is a way to save money. And in addition, you will create a personal "castle" to sleep and play. Today, we give you an idea of ​​DIY project. As you will see, it's a good idea to think "vertically"!

Design a bunk bed

Designing a bunk bed is not just about maximizing space. Its shape is also an important factor for children's rooms. Those of you who grew up sharing a room with your brothers and sisters, you know that space is precious. You may have participated in battles to "conquer" a territory. Determining the right of possession in a shared room is absolutely necessary. So, that's why, in most cases, buying standard bed models is not the best solution.

Indeed, to effectively use a small space, the furniture must be personalized. Building a bunk bed according to your own design is a good option. The most obvious explanation is that you can house two, three or more children in a room. But what's even better is that you can configure the bunk bed so that it adapts effectively to the bedroom . You can decide freely for the dimensions.

The bunk bed is probably a good solution if you want to save space

child room wood furniture bunk bed

Except it's cheaper to build a bed yourself, it's a great way to improve your DIY skills. Plus, there are more benefits than buying one. Our bunk bed proposals will save you money and create quality furniture that you could buy at the store.

And again, this bed will be a beautiful memory for your children and even for your grandchildren.

Indeed, making a bunk bed is an easy DIY project that will take you a day or two. How much it will cost depends mainly on the materials you will choose and dimensions. However, modern bunk beds should not be reserved for children's rooms. Even adult rooms can benefit from the design of these "smart" beds.

Construction (tutorial)

It's a super easy construction to do. Each cut is 90 degrees, so there are no specific angles. Wood screws and pocket hole screws are used. The measurements of the bunk bed are 182 cm in height, 208 cm in length and 115 cm in width. The bed frames are sized to accept a standard mattress.

Materials needed

  • 4 wooden boards 2x6x10 '
  • 4 wooden boards 2x6x8 '
  • 7 wooden boards 2x4x10 '
  • 12 wooden boards 2x4x8 '
  • wood screws
  • pocket hole screw
  • nails brad
  • wood glue


  • screwdriver drill
  • circular saw
  • carpenter's rule
  • wood working tool jig pocket hole

    Cut the materials

First, boards must be cut to build bed frames.

In the first place, it is necessary to prepare the materials

bunk bed to build yourself cut materials

Bed frames

The parts of the frames are to be assembled with wood glue and pocket hole screws. The latter will normally be hidden by the mattresses.

Once the boards are cut, proceed to the frames

bunk bed to build yourself drilling holes

You have to drill holes for wood screws

bunk bed to build yourself the bed frames

bunk bed to build yourself pierce the materials

bunk bed to build yourself bed frames

Support slats

Generally, when it comes to bed slats, their dimensions are appropriate to a standard mattress (1 × 4 or 1 × 6). To reduce the thickness of the slats a little and create a solid support for the mattress, a rabbet is cut at each end. The depth of the rabbet should be 1.5 cm. The first batten to be mounted is the central lath. It must be fixed with screws. The rest of the slats can be glued or fastened with nails.

Cut the wood to prepare the slats

bunk bed to build yourself preparing materials

First, attach the central batten

bunk bed to build yourself mounting support slats

bunk bed to build yourself cutting of the support slats

Then, take care of fixing the other support slats

bunk bed construction support slats

bunk bed construction mounting support slats

The feet of the bed

Each foot is L-shaped, built by attaching a 2 × 4 board to a 2 × 6 board. The first will be pierced by the pocket hole screws. However, the arrangement of these screws is a little problematic. These must be placed so that they are covered when mounting the steps of the ladder. Then, the steps are to cut after mounting the feet of the bed. They must be fixed on the feet by screws and wood glue. The main thing is to make sure that the ladder steps remain perpendicular to the feet and that they cover the screws of the feet.

The steps of the ladder are to be mounted on the feet of the bed

bunk bed construction project diy

foot construction diy bunk bed

Remember to drill the holes so that they are hidden by the steps

bunk bed diy feet and ladder

Of course, the steps must be arranged perpendicular to the feet of the bed

build a bunk bed feet

Assembly of bed frames

First, put one side of the bottom bed frame in place and use a collet to hold it. Then we do the same thing on the other side. Since it is the clamps that hold the lower frame, we take advantage to set up the frame of the upper bed. Again, a pair of pliers to hold everything together. After, all corners of the two bed frames receive 8 screws to mount them on the feet. This grid of screws will prevent the entire bed from being tilted.

The first thing to do is to fix the lower frame

mounting bunk bed frames

bunk bed to build yourself mounting feet

Then proceed to the assembly of the upper frame

mounting upper frame bunk bed

Arrange the support slats

fitting diy bunk bed frames

bunk bed to build yourself last step


The final step of this construction is the laying of a finish that protects the wood surface from stains and scratches. We recommend you to opt for the wood varnish.

The final result

bunk bed project diy final step

We hope you could find inspiration in this project. It is an inexpensive construction, with a solid design that will withstand time. Such an accomplishment can be really rewarding and you will get some useful DIY skills.

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