Carpet bathroom in cork: DIY project easy to achieve

If you are a DIY fan, but you lack ideas how to recycle corks in an original way and do not throw them anymore, you are in the right place. And yes, nevertheless there is a multitude of ideas DIY projects, but in this text we would like to draw your attention to the manufacture of a nice bathroom carpet from recycled caps. At the same time economical, useful and design, this decoration accessory will easily find its place in your interior!

Creative idea to recycle the cork and create a stylish decorative object

recycling cork

Cork stopper: why opt for

Cork is a material found in the bark of the cork oak. It is impervious to liquids, flame retardant, resistant, hypoallergenic and elastic. In addition, cork is an exceptional material that does not deform, it returns to its original shape after a pressure.

That's why cork is ideal for creating a nice bathroom rug and bringing a warm touch into your home.

Inspiring Idea: Reuse corks to create a bathroom rug

cork cork bath mat

Cork bathroom carpet: how to make

Are you looking for a bath mat with a pleasant and resistant material, but at the same time soft? If this is the case, let yourself be tempted by the following proposal in the DIY spirit. In the end you will get a deco accessory of unique design to make the bathroom more functional, cozy and stylish.

Stylish DIY accessory to transform the bathroom

cork stopper for an original bath mat

You need :

  • Cork corks - about 200 corks
  • A glue gun
  • Glue
  • A cutter
  • A non-slip underlay for carpets

Use corks of the same size

how to make a carpet with cork

Anti-slip underlay

non-slip underlay for a carpet with cork

Cut the plugs in half

cork stopper to make a carpet

Production :

Before starting, cut the caps lengthwise with the cutter (preferably on a cutting board). Then place the corks on the anti-slip underlayment, to form and mount the carpet accurately. After that add glue from each cork stopper with the glue gun and attach them to the underlayment. Let it dry for a few hours. And now, nothing easier! You just have to install this artwork on the floor in the bathroom, or even in the kitchen or living room, the carpet will find its place in all rooms of the house. In addition, the reworking of this original recycling idea is economical and does not require much time.

Natural cork - a waterproof and fireproof material

stick the cork on the non-slip underlayment

Carpet with corks to give them a second life in an original way

unique carpet idea with cork

Cork mat

cork carpet diy

You can also create carpet in round shape

idea carpet with cork

diy carpet from cork

project diy carpet with cork

floor mats with cork

Idea how to brighten the entrance door with corks

deco door entry DIY with cork

wall decoration cork idea

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