Chair Galette - Import colors into your interior and exterior

Chair Galette - it's trendy and it makes the chairs more comfortable

Everyone agrees that in a chair without cushion we do not feel good. Combine the decor and seating comfort with a modern and original chair slab. Dress up your seats and bring a touch of joy to a sober interior or exterior. Simply put, the chair cake is for chairs kitchen and dining room, but also those reserved for outdoor use. In square or round shape, with an ultra chic or vintage design, these cushions can be combined with any style of table decor thanks to their wide range of colors and patterns.

Recently the cushion has returned to the world of decoration and has become a must. Indeed, it warms the atmosphere and gives life to your interior. The old chairs may deserve a new youth, adding a more colorful touch that could influence the atmosphere of the entire room. Depending on your interior and the number of chairs you have, you can choose a set of identical patties or all colors.

When we talk about chair slabs, the trend is to mix materials and prints. It's up to you to personalize your cushions! Just let your imagination speak because the combinations are infinite and modifiable according to your desires.

Discover our selection of all styles, colors, designs, romantic models, classic or modern, of different sizes.


Usually in square shape, chair slabs can be found also in round version

galette round padded chair cushion

A simple cushion can probably change the mood of a room and bring a personal touch

cushion for gray chair

The cushions unify or energize your decor

cushion for garden chair

Practices to revamp a chair

kiabi chair slab

A fabric with red hues blends perfectly into a modern and vintage decor

red cushions

While some models are for indoor use, others are made for outdoor use and weatherproof

chair cake thousand colors

Bauble canvas chair patties

galette chair canvas hatch

Feel free to multiply the shapes and patterns

slab chair padded

A touch of style in neutral interiors

double-faced chair slab

Available in all shapes, sizes and materials, chair slabs have the power to give character to a room

galette chair white door

galette chair garden roses

galette chair knot cotton

heart cushion

high chair cushion

padded chair patty

beige chair slab

chair cushion

linen and cotton cushion

marseille chair slab

ikea colorful chair patty

cupcakes chair cake

romantic chair slab

chair slab with buttons

round padded chair slab

chair mountain style slab

modern chair slab

braided chair slab

flat flying chair slab

cake in red and gray

flower chair slab

chair wafer

big chair slab

galette white chair

galette round chair

chair slab tolix

red chair patties

galette garden chair

white chair slab carries

garden chair patty

galette de chaise home

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