Choose your ideal wedding bouquet for the big day

How to find the perfect composition of flowers for an ideal bridal bouquet. Find here our ideas to inspire you.

roses bridal bouquet

For a dream wedding, it's important to create a harmony among the details - the dress , jewelry, shoes, makeup, the cake , the hairstyle, the bouquet as well. It is important also the bouquet of matches the theme chosen for the wedding. When you choose the bridal bouquet , take into consideration the wedding colors, the bouquet shape, and the flowers to create a beautiful and unforgettable bouquet.

So, the flowers that are available all year long are roses, gerberas and orchids.

bridal bouquet in 4 photos

Bridal bouquet with red flowers - roses, tulips, peonies, hydrangeas, fuchsias.

In case you have chosen the decorating theme to be in red color, probably the red roses are the most appropriate. The red rose is the flower of lovers, it symbolizes love.

roses bridal bouquet

Wedding bouquet with red roses

Wedding bouquet in red roses

Wedding bouquet with red roses 1

Roses and peonies and roses in red and calla in white

Wedding bouquet with red roses 2

Another idea of ​​bouquet of roses and callas - in red of course

Wedding bouquet with red roses 3

Roses, tulips and peonies too

Wedding bouquet with red roses 4

An adorable bouquet of roses and hydrangeas

Wedding bouquet with red roses 5


In the language of flowers, tulips symbolize and a declaration of sincere love. The meaning of red tulips is eternal love.

tulip flower of love

Tulips and dahlias in red

Choose your ideal wedding bouquet for the big day

Tulips, roses and callas

bridal bouquet of red roses, tulips and callas

Another idea of ​​bouquet in red color of tulips

bridal bouquet of red tulips


The peony flower symbolizes honor, wealth, romance and love too. For a romantic and pretty touch to your bouquet, do not hesitate to choose this flower.

red peony

The peony

red peony

In fact the bouquets of peonies in red, pink, white are very current for a wedding in spring and they are beautiful too.

An adorable bouquet in red roses and peonies

bridal bouquet of peonies

Peonies in red and white

bridal bouquet of peonies 6

Peonies and red roses

bridal bouquet of peonies 7

bridal bouquet peonies

Or for example another idea for a bouquet

bridal bouquet peonies 8

Since peonies are romantic flowers

bridal bouquet peonies 9

For your big day

bridal bouquet peonies 10

In case the theme of your wedding is in red ...

bridal bouquet peonies 11

Bouquets for a wedding in blue

In search of an original, unique and elegant wedding bouquet idea, find here our ideas for compositions for a pretty bouquet.

Hydrangea in blue for an original bouquet

Bouquets for a wedding in blue

Because the pink blues make the bouquet unique and unforgettable

Bouquets for a wedding in blue 12

A very pretty floral composition in pink and blue

Bouquets for a wedding in blue 13

For those who love white roses

Bouquets for a wedding in blue 14

Do not forget the iris to create a beautiful bouquet

Bouquets for a wedding in blue 15

Pretty bouquet in blue and white

Bouquets for a wedding in blue 16

Or a combination of white roses and hydrangeas

Bouquets for a wedding in blue 17

Because the bridal bouquet with blue orchid is very elegant

Bouquets for a wedding in blue 18

And hydrangeas too

Bouquets for a wedding in blue 19


Also called arums, callas are very much in demand for wedding flower arrangements. This is because these flowers symbolize the purity of the bride, of love.

callas wedding bouquet

Blue orchids and yellow callas

yellow and blue bouquet

callas wedding bouquet

Pretty bouquet

callas wedding bouquet 20

Combine blue roses and white callas

callas wedding bouquet 21

Or choose the callas in red color

callas wedding bouquet 22

For a classic bouquet

callas wedding bouquet 23

wedding bouquet callas 24


White, blue or pink hydrangeas, they are perfect for a feminine wedding bouquet to celebrate a wedding.

bridal bouquet hydrangeas

On one hand they are perfect for a pink theme

bridal bouquet hydrangeas 25

Or for a blue theme

bridal bouquet hydrangeas 26

bridal bouquet hydrangeas 27

In white color too

bridal bouquet hydrangeas 28

Finally, we will give you some ideas of flower arrangements of other colors, in case you want a multicolored bouquet of flowers.

multicolored wedding bouquet

multicolored wedding bouquet 29

Since the bouquet is important for the big day, it must be perfect

multicolored wedding bouquet 30

A combination that is probably perfect - yellow, blue, orange, green

multicolored wedding bouquet 31

multicolored wedding bouquet 32

multicolored wedding bouquet 33

multicolored wedding bouquet 34

multicolored wedding bouquet 35

multicolored wedding bouquet 36

multicolored wedding bouquet 37

multicolored wedding bouquet 38

multicolored wedding bouquet 39

multicolored wedding bouquet 40

Since the multicolored bouquets are very pretty

multicolored wedding bouquet 41

Nevertheless a bouquet that brings good mood

multicolored wedding bouquet 42

Or a bouquet in pastel colors

multicolored wedding bouquet 43

And finally…

multicolored wedding bouquet 44

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