Christmas decoration made of paper: simple DIY projects

The art of paper folding, Origami, is a fascinating part of the Japanese tradition that dates from the year 1680. Make a beautiful sculpture practically from scratch, but just a square sheet of paper is really to cut the breath, especially because the technique does not cut or paste. We found an impressive collection of Christmas ornaments that you can make yourself from paper, but fortunately, unlike origami, most of them include some other tools or techniques to make your life easier. Everyone loves recycling and upcycling, so it's a great way to use whatever you find useless and give it a new life. For example, collect all your scrapbook paper, craft paper and torn pages from old books, then choose additional materials to make an interesting paper Christmas decoration. Paper ornaments can be inspired by classic vintage or modern art, all depends on your imagination.

Christmas paper decoration for children and adults

Hang a tree in the Christmas tree? Why not? This little paper Christmas decoration is so quick to do

christmas decoration paper christmas tree

Origami flower

origami flower paper christmas decoration

These paper stars would look absolutely beautiful hanging in the Christmas tree. You may be able to make a star for each family member

christmas decoration paper christmas star

They are cute these ornaments because they look like crushed little balls. In addition, they are much easier to make than they look

christmas decoration paper fir ornament

Delicate snowflakes made of paper

christmas decoration paper snowflake

This ornament is made from thin rolled paper strips and glitter

christmas decoration paper snowflake silver

Colorful sphere that can be hung or used as a table decoration

christmas decoration made of paper colored spheres

The shapes of these paper Christmas decorations can remind you of vegetables, but their minimalist and modern beauty brings a touch of originality to your interior

christmas decoration paper lanterns

Christmas heart made of paper lace

christmas decoration paper heart

Clever idea to store all special memories. Instead of accumulating them in a drawer, integrate them into an ornament that can be reused each year

christmas decoration paper christmas ball

3d origami penguin christmas decoration paper

wall decoration christmas decoration paper

christmas decoration paper cones cardboard

christmas decoration bells

Select greeting cards in various colors, and cut out shapes. Glue pieces in rows in the shape of a pine cone

christmas decoration paper ornament pinecone

colorful ball paper christmas decoration

christmas decoration paper christmas cards

christmas decoration wall paper

christmas decoration paper decorations to hang in the fir

Cut circles of card stock. Add string, ribbon, buttons to make them one of a kind

christmas decoration paper christmas ball paper

Christmas decoration made of paper to make at home

3d star paper christmas decoration

christmas decoration paper garland of paper balls

christmas decoration paper technical quilling

Paper mache ornament decorated with pieces of paper and pretty pearls

Christmas decoration made of paper in two colors

paper village paper christmas decoration

diy christmas decoration in sun paper

diy snowflakes christmas decoration paper

christmas garland christmas decoration christmas paper

Make this ornament using a needle, embroidery thread, acrylic beads and a double-sided paper strip. The candy shape is to be done by threading two beads between each layer of the band

christmas decoration paper ornaments to hang

paper garland christmas decoration paper

pretty lanterns decoration of paper enoel

origami ornament christmas decoration paper

christmas tree easy christmas decoration paper

christmas trees christmas decoration paper

Pretty handbags from card stock

DIY idea Christmas decoration paper

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