Christmas gift ideas for women: how to make oneself

Here are four Christmas gift ideas to make yourself, to truly surprise your loved ones

Christmas inspirations and gift ideas

Realizing Christmas gift ideas yourself is an economical solution, ideal for a tight budget, and at the same time gifts are the most appreciated. In this article we offer some original ideas and easy to make for a nice Christmas present. Look here to find your inspiration.

If you miss ideas ...

diy christmas gift ideas

DIY a pretty vase for flowers - Christmas gift ideas

Plants and flowers can be found throughout the interior. This is why the presence of a vase is always necessary for bouquets. Nevertheless, creating a homemade vase is easy and very simple. You need an old glass bottle, to turn it into an elegant vase. For a nice result, paint the bottle with an enamel paint, using a wide brush. Do not forget to clean the bottle well before starting.

Recycle a glass bottle to make a vase

bottle of diy milk vase christmas gift ideas

Christmas gift for a woman

pretty bottles in white christmas gift ideas

Make a mug - personalized Christmas gift ideas

Using a blank mug is best, to create a custom mug, using a porcelain and ceramic felt. Just draw the chosen patterns, or add a little message, a quote. Of course, there are many products on the market, but we advise you to opt for a felt that requires cooking. Read carefully the steps how to use the felt, before drawing. You will love the result.

How to decorate the mug

message on a mug christmas gift ideas

Golden felt for ceramics

mug diy christmas gift ideas

Create a nice carpet in pompoms

Making a carpet with soft pom poms, is an original decorative proposal. One of the advantages is that it is easy to do, and the result is undoubtedly a cocooning and adorable rug. And it's very trendy too. The materials required are: balls of wool or acrylic of different colors, embroidery cloth, scissors and pompom. Achieving this idea is easier by using a pompom apparatus. But you can also use two rolls of paper towels, to wrap the wool around.

How to make this Christmas gift - the tassel rug

diy project ideas christmas gifts carpet

The device with pompons

pompons device christmas gift ideas

The result

diy rugs pompoms christmas gift ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas: Customizing a Pocket Mirror

The mirror Pocket is an indispensable accessory, which can be found throughout the bag. Decorate and personalize the small mirror is very easy to achieve, you just need a little imagination and a pocket mirror. For example, you can glue glitter, or even pearls or crystals too. Drawing something is also a good idea. Finally, the pocket mirror is transformed into a nice accessory, the perfect Christmas gift for a woman.

Another nice idea of ​​a Christmas present

diy pocket mirror christmas gift ideas

gift ideas christmas mirror diy

teddy christmas gift ideas

how to make carpets in pompons christmas gift ideas

christmas gift ideas materials make a rug

tassel rugs christmas gift ideas

christmas gift ideas

draw a mug christmas gift ideas

christmas gift ideas mug for a mother

christmas gift ideas for a woman

simple idea christmas gift ideas

present christmas gift ideas

golden vase christmas gift ideas

christmas gift ideas vase

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