Clothes basket models for a trendy decoration

How to choose your laundry basket and decorate with style your bathroom or bedroom

choose laundry basket full of style and elegance

The laundry basket is an essential accessory not only for your dirty clothes, but also for the decoration of the room. It is important to choose a practical model, and at the same time aesthetic, which will perfectly match your interior. There are some criteria to take into account, to make a good choice.

You must determine the size and shape of the product. If you need a large space to take out your laundry, or a basket of several compartments - for dark and light linen.

Purple model for a trendy bathroom

choose laundry basket and decorate with style the bathroom

Laundry basket - materials

Plastic laundry basket

These baskets are available in different colors and they are easy to maintain, which is also very important to make your choice. From the point of view of form, you can find models with or without lid, of a round or rectangular shape. In fact, the plastic laundry basket is very convenient, lightweight and sturdy.

White basket for the baby room

pvc model laundry basket for the baby room

pvc model of a laundry basket in white

Wicker basket

The wicker laundry basket is a practical, but also modern solution for your home. It is ideal to create an ethnic and warm atmosphere. The manufacture of this type of basket is of durable materials. Prefer a model with a fabric lining, which is easier to maintain, since the lining is machine washable. In addition, a wicker basket or bamboo is very resistant to moisture, which is why it is perfect for decorating your bathroom.

To create a warm atmosphere

aesthetic wicker laundry basket with lid

a small laundry basket for your room

Clothes laundry basket

More adaptable for the bedroom, the cloth laundry basket is another modern and practical model. It is light to transport the laundry to the machine. At the same time, there is a great diversity of fabric materials and colors on the market. In this way it is easier to associate the basket with the style of your interior.

Fabric basket

convenient and comfortable model of a laundry basket

choose-cart-to-machine fabric

A stainless steel laundry basket

This basket model is stronger than plastic or wicker models. Stainless steel makes the basket very aesthetic, elegant and design, which mixes well with all the colors in the bathroom. And we must not forget to mention that this laundry basket is made of durable materials. That's why it's a product with a long life.

stainless steel laundry basket, highly resistant to moisture

model stainless steel laundry basket

laundry basket

A laundry basket with two compartments

choose laundry basket 2 compartments

laundry basket, placed in the room

choose a laundry basket for your bathroom

laundry basket in different colors

For example, you can choose a model with 4 wheels, for greater comfort

laundry basket with four wheels

To separate clothes by color

convenient laundry basket to separate clothes

practical model of a laundry basket

wicker, laundry basket very aesthetic

With wheels

laundry basket in blue fabric, with wheels

plastic laundry basket

modern laundry basket for your laundry

To arrange your laundry well

laundry and laundry basket

A pretty model

Decorate the bedroom with style with this laundry basket

bathroom in white and a laundry basket

very nice laundry basket for the bathroom, combined with the curtains

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