Coffee table in do-it-yourself palette to decorate the living room

Making a coffee table in a palette: tutorial

In this article we will explain how to make a recycled pallet coffee table without much effort. It's really a Do It Yourself project influenced by the Scandinavian style that unites economics and ecology with just a little creativity.

The coffee table is a small piece of furniture but is very functional in the living room. Indeed, for the realization of a furniture in palette original and modern there is no need that you are a brilliant handyman; all you need to do is follow the tips below.

Sliding coffee table in pallet

pallet coffee table


  • a palette recovered
  • a big board for the bottom
  • Sandpaper
  • brush
  • crowbar
  • wood screws
  • screwdriver
  • pliers
  • sander
  • jigsaw
  • 4 castors

The material needed to make a Scandinavian design table

coffee table in pallet material

Steps to follow


First of all, if the size of your pallet does not match your needs (at the space dedicated to the table in the living room), you can cut it with an electric saw.

After that, you have to put the pallet upside down and dismantle the cleats and the useless planks delicately so as not to damage them. The nails are to be removed with a pincer.

Elements of a palette

elements of a palette

Disassembly of wooden pallet

pallet disassembly

The next step is to prepare the top shelf of the coffee table. Normally it will not be full and must be completed with soles or cut boards (use material from the pallet part that you removed previously). If necessary you can cut them so that their widths correspond to the gap between the boards of the pallet. Then, insert them into the empty spaces and fix them with screws. Moreover, one could also keep the spacings and consequently screw a glass or Plexiglas tray on the top of the pallet.

It is important to measure the boards correctly

cut planks coffee table pallet

storage of boards coffee table in pallet

Finally, it is necessary to cut a bottom board of plywood. Cut it with a jigsaw according to the dimensions of the table top. Note: It is recommended to paint or varnish the bottom before mounting it taking into account its accessibility.


Before assembling the assembly, sand all parts of the table with sandpaper to clean them. Finally, dust off with a brush. If needed, you can also use water. Remember to let dry before continuing your work!

We must sand the parts of the table

sanding pallet boards


Once you have prepared all the parts of your coffee table in pallet, it comes time to assemble everything. In the first place, it is necessary to fix the bottom of plywood on the dice by means of screws with wood. Before screwing, make sure the bottom is tight.

Then, screw stabilizer boards on the sides of the bottom board so that the casters of the table can be inserted later. It is advisable to use longer screws as they will pass both in the planks, in the bottom of the plywood and partially in the dice.

The bottom can be plywood but also raw wood

table top montage table in pallet


Several options are available to you regarding this point: paint, varnish, glaze or place a glass plate at the top of the table to protect the wood.

Before finishing, make sure the pallet is well dusted

pallet painting

Place the casters

It only remains to screw the casters in the boards that you have mounted lately. It is good to opt for larger rouleuttes with brakes to avoid the undesirable displacement of the table. They are fixed with screws to the four corners of your new living room furniture.

Finally you just have to fix the wheels

table pallet fixing in pallet

And now, your pallet coffee table is ready!

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