Criteria for choosing your sunglasses

Choosing your sunglasses well - it's something not so easy. What are the tips for making a good choice.

Criteria for choosing your sunglasses

It's time to choose his sunglasses, since summer is almost here. On the one hand they are one of the most important fashion accessories for us, on the other hand they protect us from the sun. Here we present you how to make your choice by following our advice.

choose your sunglasses

How to choose your sunglasses

choose your sunglasses

Choose your sunglasses from the shape of your face

choose his sunglasses face shape

Choose your sunglasses from the shape of your face

Round face

In case your face is round, there are two possibilities. Opt instead for geometric, angular or narrow glasses for a contrast. Or, you can choose rounded glasses for an accent.

round face choose his sunglasses

square face

The square face is characterized by a large fornt and a strong jaw. As for a round face, we advise you to choose from models with oval curves, or with geometric shapes too. The other possibility is a pair of "Butterfly" sunglasses, or cat's eye.

choose your butterfly sunglasses

Example of "cat's eye" sunglasses

Criteria for choosing your sunglasses

Or round glasses

Criteria for choosing your sunglasses 1

Another idea of ​​sunglasses

Criteria for choosing your sunglasses 2

long face

You will love the sunglasses that round your face. For example round and oval glasses are perfect for creating a harmonious look. Also prefer a pair of aviator glasses.

long face sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses

long face sunglasses 3

For a long face

long face sunglasses 4

Round glasses

long face sunglasses 5

Oval face

If you have the oval face, all forms of sunglasses fit well. Rectangular, round, oval glasses, cat's eye.

Criteria for choosing your sunglasses

diamond or diamond face

This face is characterized by angular features, broad cheekbones and a narrow forehead. The perfect models for you are sunglasses with geometric or oval shapes, and also wider. For example the frames "cat's eye".

choose your sunglasses ideas

Sunglasses for a diamond face

choose his sunglasses ideas 6

Idea of ​​sunglasses

choose his sunglasses ideas 7

How to choose the right protection

Finally, we must mention the criteria how to choose your sunglasses, from the point of view of protection. So, the best is to choose a glass that guarantees to filter well the sun rays. But the glasses sold on the market do not protect the eyes in the same way. On frames or labels is indicated category or sun protection factor - CE and a number. There are a total of 5 categories - from 0 to 4. This is the information for the degree of protection - the percentage of light that passes through the glass of the glasses.

Criteria for choosing your sunglasses

Criteria for choosing your sunglasses 8

index category

Here are the different categories of protection indices.

  • CE 0: In general, those are the glasses of "aesthetic comfort". They absorb light from 0 to 20% and let through 80 to 100% of the light. You can wear them by night or in bad weather, when the solar brightness is not strong.
  • CE 1: Category 1 lenses are slightly tinted and are perfect when there is low light. They absorb visible light 20 to 57% and allow to pass between 43 and 80%. In case you choose index 1 sunglasses, wear them in bad weather.
  • CE2: These sunglasses are perfect for average sunshine. They absorb 57 to 82% of the light and allow to cross between 43 and 18%.
  • CE 3: This protection is effective when the solar light is strong - at the beach, or if you practice winter sports. The glasses absorb 82 to 92% of the visible light and allow to pass between 8 and 18%.
  • CE 4: The degree of protection is over 92%. The glasses are very dark and perfect when the sun's brightness is very intense. For example you can wear them in high mountains. But we must not use them to drive the car.

choose your sunglasses

choose your sunglasses 9

choose your sunglasses 10

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