Custom cushion ideas for a cozy interior

We offer you here our ideas to create a personalized cushion to renew the atmosphere of your room

Custom cushion ideas for a cozy interior

To bring a modern touch into your home and at the same time renew the decor, no doubt a nice personalized cushion is the perfect solution. Posed on the couch or chair, they are very comfortable, full of style and softness, and no doubt they will completely change the mood in the house.

Custom cushion ideas for a cozy interior 1

Making your own cushions is not that difficult and of course you can make a nice cushion effortlessly. There are many ways to personalize the cushions. The easiest and change the covers and create totally new and different cushions. We propose the current deco trends to inspire you.

Cushions in Scandinavian patterns

custom cushion

Cushions in geometric patterns, another idea for your piece

custom cushion 2

For a modern interior

custom cushion 3

Chic cushions and trends for your sofa


In case you need to create your own cushions in Scandinavian patterns, on the market there is a wide variety of cushion covers on the Scandinavian theme.

Cushions with pompons

custom cushion

The other proposal to renew your decoration by changing the cushions is to add pom-poms to the sides. Generally pompoms are very current and you can find them on clothes, shoes, bags too.

custom cushion 4

Personalized cushion with red pompoms for a modern interior

custom cushion 5

For a modern decoration, opt for pompoms

custom cushion 6

custom cushion 7

Thanks to the tassels, you have a nice piece

custom cushion 8

Original idea - cushions with lace and embroidery

custom cushion with lace

In case you want to add style, elegance and softness in the interior, do not hesitate to transform the cushions with lace. It's an easy and creative way to renew cushions. Here are some interesting ideas.

custom cushion

Because the lace will give a touch of softness and elegance

custom cushion 9


custom cushion 10

Decorate the room with style

custom cushion 11

Create a knit cushion

custom cushion 12

The knitted cushion covers will help you decorate your room not only in a unique way, but to create a cocooning atmosphere. Also for the realization of this type of covers, everything depends on the preferred material, and of course the model.

custom cushion 13

Cozy cushion cover

custom cushion 14

Since the atmosphere is more relaxing with knit cushions

custom cushion 15

Another idea for a cozy decoration

custom cushion 16

The knot cushion

personalized cushion knots in pink, blue, yellow, gray

The knot cushion is also one of the trends now, made by knots, which is adorable and perfect for your sofa or your bed too. In fact, you can create it very easy, or find it on the market.

Custom cushion ideas for a cozy interior

Cushion very nice, perfect for the living room, and the bedroom too

Custom cushion ideas for a cozy interior 17

For example knot cushion in pastel color

Custom cushion ideas for a cozy interior 18

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