Deco for exterior wall: the art that makes the walls sing

To make you believe in the need for deco for exterior wall

Since talent and artistic expression have come out of galleries and workshops, they seek to manifest themselves anywhere. After the bridges and the walls of the houses, budding decorators settled in the gardens and patios.

Sea motives on a house wall

deco for exterior wall

deco for exterior wall contemporary house

Each luminaire produces two rays of light on the wall

deco for exterior wall lighting for wall

Who are these newborn talents? It's you and your tendency to improve your outdoor mood. Having for you, some proposals of decoration for external wall, we are impatient to see them realized later. Assuming your home is trendy, your exterior screams the exterior wall decor.

If your garden is divided into zones

In case your children enjoy their play area and adults take a calm aperitif, our ideas vary. In addition, it is necessary to mention another aspect of the decoration for external wall. It must go with the type of wall. If it's a screen or a fence made of planks or pallets. Everything must be taken in view.

How to take coffee pleasantly

deco for exterior wall high wooden fence

However, the space-games can be decorated in aerosol. The combination of imagination and talented painter, can make live on the wall all kinds of paintings. Same idea for a wall that expresses a perspective.

How to make a hint of forest in his garden

decoration for exterior wall wall painted in gray

deco for exterior wall a green terrace

Without doubt, flowers and plants are a beautiful decoration for exterior wall. Their diversity also explodes well everywhere, it means that put anywhere, they do nothing but embellish. Hanging in bins or pots, sitting on the floor in planters original, flowers and plants are real cascades of colors and greenery.

Plants that do not need a lot of care

deco for exterior wall vertical arrangement of plants

Mirrors and paintings on the wall reflect the opposite side of the garden

deco for outside wall nice rest in the garden

Beautiful wall decoration thanks to the planters

deco for exterior wall old brick wall

The exterior wall decoration is eco too

So that by exploiting recovery objects you can give new life to tin cans, pallets, wooden frames, grills, etc., be bold and experiment! The result will surprise you!

deco for old frame exterior wall

A big succulent under the frames

deco for exterior wall wall boards very high

Sometimes, some granite or concrete borders can be used ideally for climbing plants. Thus, a whole screen can be created. Similarly, pretty wrought iron hooks, nailed to the fence can hold baskets of flowers bloom.

What to do with punctured rubber hoses? Better that they are multicolored and the wall of the cottage for the instruments in the garden is decorated.

What can be used for old rubber hoses

deco for exterior wall wooden grid attached to the wall

Unusual decoration of the white wall

beautiful black and white exterior wall decoration

Art for art

When art objects are part of the exterior wall decoration, we really have art. Wrought iron speaks a lot about it: as a candlestick or a pretty figure, fruit of the imagination.

Pretty wrought iron candlestick on the wall

deco for wrought iron outdoor wall-relax

Roses flowers in front of the wall

deco for exterior wall decorated wooden wall

Lately, modular boards and panels have been used.

Vintage relaxation corner among the greenery of the garden

decoration for exterior wall garden in rich vegetation

Three panels on a white wall

deco for exterior wall dining area in the backyard

How to marry bricks and wood

deco for exterior wall brick wall

Unusual installation stuffed with branches, logs and stones

deco for exterior wall circles of all sizes

Finally, the exterior wall decoration is apparently successful if you take heart and soul.

A sofa surrounded by round planters

deco for exterior wall beautiful terrace in town

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