Diffuser of essential oils for a relaxing atmosphere

The essential oil diffuser is a new way to aromatize, humidify and purify the air in any room.

Essential Oil Diffusers

Generally, the diffusers are silent and using a few drops of essential oil will aromatize the house. And at the same time there are products of a function to humidify the air. But how to effectively benefit the benefits of aromatherapy? Indeed, you can find on the market different types of diffuser of essential oils - diffuser by misting, nebulization, ultrasound, ventilation, by soft heat.

diffuser of essential oils

Diffuser of essential oils by fogging / fogger

This type of diffuser creates a diffusion of essential oils poured into the water, thanks to a slight mist. Pour into the water tank and add a few drops of oil. The mist contains the fragrances of oils by allowing you to perfume the air. It is necessary to clean the fogger regularly - to avoid limescale. For noise, the fogger is not suitable for use in the room.

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essential-oil-diffuser-fogger 1

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Diffuser by gentle heat

This product ensures the diffusion of essential oils in a natural way, thanks to a regular heat. You do not need water to use this diffuser, only your favorite essential oil. To maintain the properties of the oils, the temperature must not exceed 45 ° C. The maintenance of this type of diffuser is very simple. And in terms of noise, it's the quietest model.

diffuser of essential oils sweet heat

By gentle heat

diffuser of essential oils sweet heat 3

Diffuser by ventilation

It is a product that diffuses the oils by a breath of air, thanks to a fan. This is why the properties of the oils are preserved.

diffuser of essential oils

Diffuser by nebulization

Thanks to a powerful cold breath, this product allows you to fully enjoy the therapeutic properties of your essential oils. You can also use it in spaces of 120 m². This mode of diffusion is realized by a pump which propels in the air the molecules of the oils.

diffuser of essential oils nebulisation daolia

Diffuser by nebulization

diffuser of essential oils

Ultrasonic essential oil diffuser

When using this model, the oils are diffused in the air by a slight misting. It humidifies the air too. Ultrasound helps to mix water and drops of oil. The ultrasonic diffuser is also very quiet and allows you to create a pleasant atmosphere. It can perfume a room between 20 and 50m².

diffuser of essential oils 4

Ultrasonic diffuser for essential oils

diffuser of essential oils 5

And also

diffuser of essential oils 6

As a conclusion, choosing one's essential oil diffuser is not so simple. Take into consideration the type of broadcast, the price, the size of the room too. At the same time on the market there are models with music and lighting.

essential oil diffusers

To create a relaxing atmosphere

essential oil diffusers 7

To relax and humidify the air in the room

essential oil diffusers 8

diffusers of essential oils 9

essential oil diffusers 10

Idea for decoration of a living room

essential oil diffusers 11

diffusers of essential oils 12

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