DIY a miniature zen garden - to decorate the room and relax

The miniature Zen garden is an original way to decorate with an Asian style, relax and feel more zen

zen garden zen garden miniature

So, the miniature zen garden represents nature in miniature - water, mountains. The origin of the Zen garden tradition is in Japan in the 14th century. It is a pretty object, which will help you to meditate and find harmony, peace and balance in life. At the same time it will bring a zen touch to your interior.

Original idea for your interior

idea how to decorate the room with a miniature zen garden

The miniature Zen garden contains a basic wooden tray, sand, bamboo rake, stones, moss covered rocks, or even Buddha silhouette and candle, but no other vegetation, plants or trees. In the miniature Zen garden everything is symbolic. Each element has its meaning. For example, water is represented by sand, and mounds on sand symbolize the ripples of water. To create a unique garden and be more relaxed, you must rake the sand with the rake.

For example, sand symbolizes water

a beautiful miniature zen garden to meditate and relax

Stones and pebbles on the sand symbolize mountains, waterfalls or islands. The shape of the stones in the garden plays a vital role. Traditionally you can find two tall stones, placed vertically, one is lower. And also a third flat stone, which must be laid horizontally. The presence of three stones corresponds to the sacred triads of Buddhism. Avoid choking the garden with many objects and respect the idea of ​​simplicity.

Colorful stones

colorful stones to make miniature zen garden

The most famous Zen garden in Japan is in a temple - Ryōan-ji. There, we can find 15 stones of different sizes. The composition of the stones is actually very interesting, since you do not have the opportunity to see all 15 stones at once.

Original idea for your Zen garden with pink sand

diy mini zen garden miniature zen garden with colorful sand

How to make a miniature zen garden

Nevertheless, you can find on the market a great diversity of miniature zen garden. In addition, you can also create a miniature Zen garden yourself. You need to:

  • wooden tray
  • White sand
  • Buddha statue in meditation position
  • bamboo rake
  • small pebbles
  • a little candle
  • three or five stones
  • and finally, do not forget the moss to decorate the garden

To create your own garden, place the sand in the tray and then add the stones. Use the bamboo rake to make traces on the sand, imitating the movement of the water. Install the statue, the small pebbles, the candle and the vegetable mousse e, if you have one. Your imagination and intuition will help you create a beautiful miniature zen garden, to create a relaxing and Zen atmosphere in your home.

diy miniature zen garden

diy miniature zen garden with a candle and statue

diy a miniature zen garden for your living room for example

Idea how to transform your garden in Japanese style

Zen garden

Zen garden with sand and three stones

miniature zen garden

for a gift we offer a miniature zen garden

to create a relaxing atmosphere, choose a Zen garden

mini zen garden with candles

miniature zen garden for your interior

buddha statue for your japanese garden

very pretty and interesting miniature zen garden

zen and relaxing miniature zen garden

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