DIY: Ideas how to customize flower pots

Pretty inspirations how to customize flowerpots and make unique decorative objects

In this article we offer some DIY ideas to revamp the flower pots in a simple and easy to achieve. As a result, you will create a beautiful decoration not only for flowers, but to renew your interior too. The materials for achieving these ideas are not expensive, all you need is a little inspiration, and you will find it here. Of course, there is a great diversity of ideas, but we offer the most interesting and easy to choose.

Inspiration how to make flower pots more beautiful and fun

diy flower pots ideas

Idea for old flower pots

transform old flower pots

Masking tape for flower pots

This is a very cool idea, if you are looking for an easy way to revamp the flowerpots. In short, it's a colorful scotch, which is perfect for customizing and decorating everyday objects, the flower pot too. Here is our proposal how to give a new look, using the masking tape. First, choose the colored scotch, and then cut the length with the scissors, and lay on the pot. There you go! If you want to add an original touch and create a work of art, opt for the masking tape. As a tip, clean the surface of the pot, before applying the tape.

DIY project simple and easy, using the masking tape

decorating idea masking tape for flowerpots

Add a touch of color to the flower pot and transform your interior

masking tape ideas for flower pots


Another technique that will allow you to transform and decorate in a few minutes old flower pots. You need colored paper (eg towels), glue, scissors, a brush, varnish. Cut the towels into pieces. Then apply the glue and attach the paper to the jar. Apply a new layer of glue on the paper and allow to dry. At the end, apply a coat of varnish. It's so easy and simple.

DIY idea to decorate your pots - the carving

Idea flower pots with paper

Dress up flowerpots with colorful paper

cutting technique for flower pots

Paint the flower pots

To give a colorful look to old pots, you also have the opportunity to use paint. To make the most beautiful pot, opt for acrylic or vinyl paint. First, wash the pots. For maximum protection of the paint, apply two coats of marine varnish on the surface of the pot, and allow to dry. After that, paint a pot with acrylic paint, let it dry and go again two layers of varnish. You will get a very nice decorative accessory.

Paint the flower pot with your child

acrylic paint for flower pots

Sequins in powder

Sticking the glitter flower pot for a glamorous look is probably a great idea. In addition, the realization does not require much time and materials. You need glitter, glue and varnish. Apply the polish to a well-cleaned surface and allow to dry. To achieve this shiny effect, then apply glue and glitter powder. When the surface becomes dry, put a coat of varnish on the glitter.

Idea to make yourself, and add a touch of brilliance for the interior

flower pots with glitter


This is how you will add a touch of style to your flowerpots - using lace. The realization is simple, all you need to do is stick the ribbon of lace on the surface. As a result you will get a nice decoration, made by you.

Inspiration how to add a touch of elegance

decorative idea lace for flower pots

Great idea with lace

lace to decorate the flower pots

decorative flower pots with lace

Succulent plants in pretty pots

how to paint flower pots

flower pots pastel colors

deco lace flower pots

The cutting steps

how to make the cut out on the flowerpots

Emoji on the flower pot, for a more fun atmosphere in the room

diy emoji flower pots

Masking tape - very easy to use

flower pots with masking tape

diy decorating idea for flower pots

White and black - easy decorating idea with masking tape

idea with masking tape flower pots

Marbled effect using masking tape

masking tape marbé effect for flower pots

flowerpots with masking tape

flower pots deco painting

Simple and fast customization

decoupage flower pots

flower pots

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