DIY: Make your own terrarium plant to decorate the house

Trendy and easy to make, the terrarium plant is a very original idea for decorating your space

terrarium plants a little jadin to decorate the house

In general, it is a place where live certain animal or vegetable species. Other words - a miniature ecosystem, a small indoor garden, made of glass or plastic, the equivalent of an aquarium, but without water. The earth, sand and gravel replace the water.

And also, you can realize a closed terrarium. For plants, it is better to choose plants that are small.

terrarium plant make decoration for the house

terrarium plants

A terrarium plant very pretty

terrarium plant with a small house

Another terrarium idea

green plant terrarium

Hermetic terrariums

Hermetic terrariums

Terrarium in the shape of a jewel

small plant terrarium in the form of a jewelry

Another green jewel

terrarium in the form of a jewelry

Terrarium plant

terrarium with bonsai

How to make a plant terrarium

  • For a container, it must first be transparent - glass or plastic, for example, but has an opening large enough to place-y small figurines. You can use a fishbowl, lantern bells, vases, tureens, jars, an electric bulb, a glass teapot etc.
  • Potting soil - opt for the light and drained potting soil
  • Sand, clay balls, gravel pegs for drainage
  • Foam layer
  • Pieces of activated carbon
  • Small plants - choose plants that prefer light and moisture
  • Decoration

And of course, do not forget to use gloves when you add activated charcoal.

We need…

diy terrarium plant at home

how to make terrarium plant

to make a terrarium diy plant

So what…

First, wash the container of your terrarium well with a soap, to prevent the growth of bacteria.

An example of a container

terrarium container

Or opt for this container

DIY: Make your own terrarium plant to decorate the house


Drain the bottom: Put the bottom of the container with colored sand and then pebbles, clay balls or gravel - for drainage.

Sand at the bottom of your terrarium

colorful sand plant terrarium

For drainage

gravel for the drainage of your terrarium

After that add the pieces of activated charcoal and then potting soil. It must be just wet.

And do not forget to add the pieces of activated carbon

activated carbon terrarium

Start adding plants, pieces of green natural moss and then decorate the terrarium surface.

Decorate the terrarium

decoration of your terrarium

DIY terrarium

DIY: Make your own terrarium plant to decorate the house

It's probably an original idea

terrarium in coffee pot

Hanging terrarium

DIY: Make your own terrarium plant to decorate the house

Terrarium inspired by Star Wars

star wars terrarium

In addition, you can still use bottles for this DIY project

plants and bottles

Certainly the decor with a terrarium is very pretty and fits into any interior

a very pretty terrarium

Mini garden under bell

a small bench in the terrarium

Mini terrarium

terrarium in an electric bulb

terrarium plant

A small terrarium

a small terrarium

Unique idea to inspire you

decorating idea for your terrarium

A small tree

tree in a terrarium

How to maintain the terrarium plant

The light exposure must be adapted to the needs of the plants. In case your plant terrarium is open, you have to water them regularly - twice a week. But if the terrarium is airtight, you must give it fresh air from time to time. Remove the dead leaves too, clean the stones and watch for pests.

So, you know how to make your own terrarium plant. Good luck!

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