Doghouse - comfort for your best companion

An essential element for the best four-legged companion is the dog kennel, for outdoors or indoors


In case you are looking for a niche for chein, we offer here ideas how to choose well and also what are the criteria. The models are numerous, which is why it is important to take into consideration the size of the niche, the materials, without or with a terrace. Remember to clean the niche regularly and disinfect it.

It is important to determine if the niche will be placed in the house, or in the garden. That's why you have to choose a niche with cold insulation for the winter and warm for the summer. Another tip - the perfect niche for your adorable companion should not be too big or small. His body heat will escape in a niche too big. And do not forget the interview, which is also essential for your choice.



dog kennel 1

Since your dog's kennel needs to be comfortable

dog house 2

Niches wood for dogs

Generally, dog kennels can be made of different materials - wood, plastic, resin, fabric. But how to choose the niche that will provide optimal comfort and at the same time resistant materials? You can opt for a wooden niche, to make a good choice. Constructed of wood, with a pointed roof, the niche is very resistant to climatic conditions in summer and winter. The material is solid and can also be painted, if you need.

TecTake Niche for dogs XXL in solid wood - price 57,90 € on

dog kennel solid wood

For easier cleaning, the roof can be folded down

dog kennel solid wood 3

The feet ensure optimal air circulation

dog kennel solid wood 4

Niche for wooden dog - price 144,67 € on


Practical wooden niche, ideal for indoors or outdoors

dog kennel 5

PVC niches for dogs

The niche made of PVC is very strong, resistant, does not absorb odors and is easy to assemble and clean. It is comfortable and protects from cold and heat.

Dog Garden Niche PVC - price 104,19 € on

niche for dog pvc

Very practical, with raised floor

niche for dog pvc 6

Niche for Dogs in PVC - price 81,17 € on


Igloo doghouse - price 469.99 € on

igloo doghouse

Dog transport niches

In this order of words, we must not forget the models of niches for travel. Nevertheless, the dog travel niche is a very practical solution, when you want to take your furry friend with you.

Niche transport for dogs - price 29,99 € on

doghouse to carry

A niche with cushion, very comfortable to trasport your dog

dog kennel for carrying 7

Large flexible transport niche divided for 2 animals - price 240,86 € on

very large dog kennel

It is a niche probably very comfortable for two dogs

very large dog kennel 8

Niche for fabric dog

Finally, here are some niche ideas in soft fabric, which is easy to maintain - you can wash them. These models are also practical, comfortable and perfect for the interior, but not for the garden.

Niche for dogs - price 90,89 € on


Niche, machine washable, with removable roof

dog kennel 9

Basket / niche for a dog - price 50,99 € on

fabric dog kennel

dog niche in fabric 10

Choose the best niche for your dog

niche for a dog

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