Driftwood lamp to make yourself: lots of ideas in photos

Natural materials are becoming more and more trend in interior decoration. And especially wood! It is indeed a chameleon material that can be transformed into multiple objects quite easy to achieve. Like for example a driftwood lamp. It is a decorative accessory that is perfect for every style of interior. The great asset of such a lamp is that the models are very varied, with industrial touches, Scandinavian or bohemians .

Authentic and natural, driftwood brings a warm atmosphere to a room. Make yourself a beautiful and unique decoration is definitely a good idea. What will you need? In the first place, a lamp that you can remodel. And if you're looking for ideas, look at the pictures we've prepared for you.

The driftwood lamp will bring a lovely decorative touch to your interior

driftwood lamp

How to create a beautiful driftwood lamp to beautify the interior

As already mentioned, there are a lot of lamp models. Posed as a sculpture or hung on the wall, think of a driftwood lamp to embellish the interiors with a seaside decoration or influenced by the spirit reclaimed.

To guide you a little in the choice, we have grouped the models in the following categories:

  • table lamp: very design, it can be placed on a row, a shelf or on a bedside table for example
  • suspension: it blends well with a rustic style room, but also with a space decorated in modern style (Scandinavian, bohemian chic, forest spirit or mountain chalet)
  • wooden foot shade: this is the ideal option to warm up an industrial atmosphere
  • applies: it's a very chic solution, especially if you like the sober and elegant decor

A unique lamp that will fit perfectly in a modern and Zen atmosphere

ultra modern wood lamp

Where to find driftwood?

To bring you beautiful driftwood, just walk along the sea and pick it up. If you do not have this opportunity, you can buy it on the net. For the experimenters, it is possible to manufacture it yourself. You just need to soak a piece of wood in a salt water solution, and then dry it in the sun. Note also that the process will be long.

The necessary equipment

  • of wood fleet
  • Sockets, bulbs and wires with switch
  • objects that can be used as lampshades (optional)
  • a piece of wood (plywood) to make the base (optional)
  • fastening materials
  • a saw with wood
  • a drill
  • glue (optional)

The drill will serve you to make holes in the wood

make a wooden lamp

The wood can be used as a support for the lamp or to create decorative elements

diy wood lamp

Ideas in photos

lamp made of driftwood

woodcarving lamp

modern wood lamp

hanging lamp in wood

deco lamp of driftwood

hanging lamp in driftwood

Driftwood Bedside Lamp

pendant lamp driftwood

elegant driftwood lamp

shades floated wood foot

home made wood lamp

idea driftwood lamp

wooden bedside lamp

modern wood lamp

lampshade driftwood

beautiful wood lamp

creative wood lamp

wood hanging lamp

rustic driftwood lamp

table lamp

suspended lamp wood stems

float wood feet lamps

design driftwood lamp

hanging lamp of wood

wood lamp

innovative lamp driftwood

a wooden lamp

large driftwood lamp

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