Easter egg decoration - original and easy ideas

According to tradition, at Easter, when we celebrate the resurrection of Christ, it is also an opportunity to decorate eggs - the symbol of the feast. In addition, it comes time to hunt rabbits and chocolate eggs in the garden. It's also a celebration when you traditionally prepare tasty meals like lamb and of course brioche . So, in this article we propose some ideas how to create a festive atmosphere and decorate in an original and impressive way the Easter egg. To obtain a real work of art and avoid coloring eggs simply and without any imagination, discover here our proposals.

easter egg pretty decoration

Easter egg decoration: fun activity for the party

deco table with colorful easter egg

Polystyrene eggs

Available in different sizes, polystyrene eggs offer many variations to decorate according to your desires. Decorate them with wool, sequins, multicolored pearls, nail polish, lace and many other alternatives. Nevertheless, this is one of the most favorite children's parties, so you can take care of them and create pretty decorations together. Do not forget the opportunity to dress the eggs in color, using an acrylic paint in pastel shades, for example. In fact, you can transform them in a thousand ways and suspend them after that, it all depends on your imagination and creativity.

Creative idea how to customize easter egg with lace

idea with Easter egg lace

Easy DIY Project - Inspiration with Crystals for a Glossy Finish

Easter egg decorate with crystals

Decoration made with glitter and glue

deco Easter egg in glitter

Polystyrene eggs, pretty decorated with pearls

easter egg inspiration with pearls and crystals

Seed beads for a handmade and colorful decoration

easter egg pretty decoration diy

Eggs decorated with paper

Whatever your choice of paper - an old newspaper, colored sheets of paper, or even napkins - cutting is one of the most impressive techniques. Plus, this Easter egg decorating idea is totally easy and does not require a lot of time or materials.

Opt for cutting technique for a nice decoration

easter egg cutting technique idea

Inspiration in vintage style

how to decorate an Easter egg with carving

Easter decoration idea: Decoupage and paper mache

Crafts Witch Craft Decoupage Eggs

Easter egg decoration in pastel colors

Here are some creative and easy ideas, if you are looking for how to invite the Scandinavian style to your Easter table. To recreate this serene and absolutely cocooning atmosphere, bet on pastel and light colors of pink, blue, green, yellow. Opt for golden or silver dyes, when color Easter eggs. The geometric shapes and the black color are the other key elements not to be missed.

Easter with pastel colors

easter egg idea decoration table

Decoration with flowers

All you need is pressed flowers and non-toxic glue, to stick them on the eggs. This decoration is trendy, innovative, original and easy to do yourself. It will please your guests and give a natural atmosphere in the room. You can buy dried flowers, or make yourself a herbarium , whose realization and very easy.

Opt for the theme of nature, for example, for a deco floral Easter eggs

Easter egg idea with flowers

Great idea: paste the dried flowers on the eggs, for a unique decoration

Easter egg with dried flowers

Let your imagination be free

Easter egg with flowers

diy easter egg cloth

Elegance touch on the table with lace

Easter egg lace

easter egg idea with lace

easter egg decoration in pink

easter egg carving idea original

Another creative idea - deco quilling for polystyrene eggs

quilling idea for an easter egg

Easter egg deco gold

idea with Easter egg pencils

decorative easter egg with lace

Easter eggs

Polystyrene eggs marbled with nail polish

easter egg idea nail polish in blue

A bowl of water and a few drops of varnish, to realize this inspiring idea

Easter egg realization with nail polish

marbled easter egg

marbled effect easter egg

easter egg effect lace diy

If you are missing ideas - golden tattoo for a unique Easter decoration

easter egg idea with tattoos

easter egg decorating idea with green moss

easter egg easter idea with fabric

easter egg ideas

easter egg pretty drawing

Embellish eggs using crystals and glitter

easter egg how to decorate with crystals

Easter egg pretty golden decoration and in blue

Easter egg polystyrene decorate with children

easter egg how to paint

decorative easter egg with pearls

Seed beads stuck on the egg

Easter egg beaded

easter egg deco stickers

Deco Easter egg polystyrene with cotton thread

easter egg polystyrene deco cotton yarn

Decorative Inspiration without using paint

Easter egg idea with feathers

Idea egg idea with quilling

easter egg idea with a marker

Easter egg idea quilling

Easter egg pearls

easter egg quilling

Easter egg polystyrene cutting

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