English garden - discover the charm in the irregularity

The English garden - an uncontrolled wild landscape that man has not touched

The fashion of the English garden is essential in France from the middle of the 18th century. We begin to pay attention to an aesthetic privileging the return to the wilderness. In short, it is a complete opposition to the style of French garden and its regular forms. The English garden evokes the curves, the green lawn, paths sinuous, romantic and poetic landscapes. The main elements of this garden are the valleys or artificially built slopes that give the visitor the impression of being in a space that man has not changed: without geometric forms, without symmetry and without perspectives. The composition of the English garden seems very simple at first sight, but in reality it is much more complex, that is to say that it is only an illusion of simplicity.

Quaint, poetic and harmonious, the English garden is a landscape to be composed with rigor and delicacy

four-season English garden

Decorative elements in the English garden

In a general way, the English garden is synonymous with serenity and softness, but it is also splendid and animated all the year. You can admire a wealth of plants that grow without much need for maintenance. The flower beds are often located along the walls of the house or hedges.

Each plant must be well developed. The main colors are blue, pink and white.

We have the impression that nature is completely free and that there is no control of man

typical flowers for English gardens

In the English garden we seek balance of volumes, variety and harmony of plant materials with rare trees with colorful foliage, dead tree trunks, lawn, streams, rocks, artificial ponds, meadows. Note that the imperfections of nature are therefore exploited and uncorrected. For example, the approaches to alleys are colonized by vegetation. In addition, if one driveway is gravel, the other can be covered with slate mulch why not.

An atmosphere between mystery and romance

English garden

Finally, the visitor can see statues, benches embedded in the vegetation, fountains, high and low lighting. The landscape is carved to create structure. Hedges and small trees are used to form plant partitions that allow passage from one corner to another.

If you do not have a green thumb, bet on plants that require little maintenance

English garden flowering shrubs

Typical plants

The proportion of foliage and lawn is of great importance in an English garden. We then favor the maximum of trees, shrubs, hedges, thickets. A nice alternative to grass , it's' helexine who can dress green the edges of a path and the pavements.

Opt for rose bushes, perennial flowers, flowering shrubs, climbing or aromatic plants

landscaped garden

According to the English the good garden has an arch of climbing plants like ivy or Virginia creeper. The rose is a must-have flower. It can be found everywhere: on arches, on stone walls or even in groves. For alleys we can mix plants and colors with flowers such as daffodils, anemones, ligules, foxgloves and echinaceas. Perennial plants include hellebores, geraniums, Japanese anemones, asters, astilbes, digitalis, delphiniums, kniphofias. While visiting the English gardens, you will not miss to see topiaries, narcissus, botanical tulips, hyacinths. A vegetable garden can also compose a part of the garden.

A successful English garden must look like a wild landscape painting

English garden different flowers

The English garden is inspired by beauty and nature. It is certainly suitable for all those who appreciate rigor and aesthetics. To create such a garden, you have to observe some rules. First, imitate nature in its wildest and unaffected by the activity of man. Finally, it is desirable that your garden approaches a living painting.

In second place, you must totally exclude symmetry. No clearly defined walkways and flowerbeds. The third rule imposes a refusal of codes. Finished the unification of colors and structures. It is a realm of botanical and spatial surprises.

English garden and house

alley in an English garden

create English garden

English garden with flowers and shrubs

harmonious English garden

English country garden

typical English garden

climbing roses in an English garden

English garden seen from above

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