Ephemeral Metallic Tattoo - a nice fashion accessory for the summer

The ephemeral metallic tattoo is actually a stylish accessory, to have a modern look during the summer

flower ephemeral tattoo

Nevertheless, the ephemeral tattoo is the ideal alternative for those who do not have the courage to be tattooed, since it is for life. That's why it's not easy to make that decision lightly. But of course, you have another alternative, and that is to bet on a short-lived tattoo. The benefits are for example the application, which is very easy, it takes between 3 and 10 days, there is no pain, and you have the opportunity to remove the tattoo at any time.

From the point of view of shapes and colors, there are models for all tastes. For example, tattoo golden, or silver, which are very popular for summer. And tattoos in geometric or colored patterns are also a good choice to stay stylish. Look here for our tips on how to apply it and our selection of photos to inspire you.

For a modern look

ephemeral tattoo images

modern tattoo like a necklace

ephemeral tattoo idea

Ephemeral tattoo - the application

First, you can make your temporary tattoo using a cosmetic ink. It will help you make pretty tattoos, and it does not contain henna. Holding the ephemeral tattoo ink is 2 to 5 days, and it will allow you to make a superb drawing on your body. The range of colors is very rich, and we must not forget to mention that it is a hypoallergenic and waterproof ink. The application is simple, you can use a special tattoos stamp, or a stencil adhesive tattoo.

ephemeral tattoo drawing

Elegant tattoo

ephemeral tattoo butterflies

The other way to make a beautiful temporary tattoo and decorate your skin is the use of a tattoo on paper. First, your skin must be clean, dry and without makeup. Remove the protective film and position the tattoo on the skin. After that, moisten the white paper well with a damp cloth, or a sponge, and wait 30 seconds. Then carefully remove the paper.

Materials to apply your tattoo

how to apply ephemeral tattoo

The application is very easy

application tattoo ephemeral bracelet

Using hot water and soap, you can remove your ephemeral tattoo. Or even, apply a few drops of vegetable or baby oil on the tattoo. Let stand for one or two minutes and then rub.

Combine tattoos in blue with jeans

original idea tattoo ephemeral woman

Different ideas of ephemeral tattoos

This tattoo is an original idea to transform your look for your holiday, for a party, to imitate a jewel - a necklace, a bracelet or a ring in gold or silver. In addition, on the market there are also scented models, which, no doubt, are a unique idea for the summer. One thing is sure, there is a wide range of tattoos to choose from.

A successful combination for the beach with jewelry

silver ephemeral tattoo

ephemeral summer tattoo ideas


jewelry and ephemeral tattoo on the hands

golden and silver ephemeral tattoo

woman with tattoo ephemeral bracelets

woman with modern ephemeral tattoo

original idea tattoo ephemeral

ideas for summer ephemeral tattoo

ephemeral tattoo ideas for the hand

inspiration ephemeral tattoo woman

pretty idea for an ephemeral tattoo

Metallic ephemeral tattoo

ephemeral tattoo patterns to be modern

for the back-tattoo ephemeral

for hands - ephemeral tattoo

tattoo back

for the hands ephemeral tattoo

ephemeral silver tattoo for friends

ephemeral tattoo jewelry

colorful ephemeral tattoo

Ephemeral tattoo bracelet for the feet

ephemeral tattoo as a jewel

ephemeral tattoo like a bracelet

ephemeral golden tattoo

ephemeral golden tattoo, with white and black

ephemeral golden and silver tattoo

Ephemeral tattoo for a modern look on the beach

Ephemeral tattoo- an interesting idea

temporary ephemeral tattoo

Interesting idea for the friends of the bride

ephemeral wedding tattoo

stylish and elegant ephemeral metal tattoo

ephemeral metallic tattoo

tattoo ephemeral metallic idea

golden and blue ephemeral tattoo

Ephemeral tattoo of feathers

ephemeral tattoo for the beach

ephemeral tattoo for the body

ephemeral tattoo

Ephemeral tattoo to stay modern

ephemeral tattoo for your holidays

ephemeral tattoo on the hand

idea for an ephemeral tattoo

metal tattoo ephemeral tattoo

Backless dress and elegant tattoo

elegant tattoos

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