Eyebrow makeup - ideas for a beautiful effect

How to make eyebrow makeup

Eyebrow makeup plays an important role in the aesthetics of face . That's why we pay attention. Today we give you tips and information on methods to highlight the beauty of your eyebrows.

Effectively well-drawn eyebrows are the key to giving character to your eyes

eyebrow coloring

Makeup for a natural look

A well-drawn eyebrow line gives depth to the eye and enhances the face. It is important to find the line that respects the natural curve.

The ideal products that allow to draw and structure our eyebrows are powder, pencil and gel.

Beginners prefer the powder in pencil: the latter is a little more difficult to handle than the brush. The powder helps us to accentuate the shape of the eyebrows. Applied by light touches by a small beveled brush, it gives a very natural result. Generally, the powder boxes always contain at least two different colors so that shades can be created.

Eyebrow powder palette

for example it's eyebrow powder

palette of eyebrows

The pencil is used to draw the missing hairs and fill the void. It also allows you to redraw the line and give it a nice shape. To avoid the effect "false eyebrows", it is applied by small keys, with the edge and not with the tip. We advise you to opt not for one but for two pencils with different tones: one lighter and the other darker. So, using a single pencil may offer an artificial result.

The trick of pro: play on two shades

for example they are eyebrow pencils for a natural effect

Designer eyebrow pencil

eyebrow designer pencil

With the pencil we hatch in the direction of the hair, following the natural outline of the eyebrow

eyebrow makeup tool

The gel fixes the eyebrows. There are transparent and tinted gels. If you choose a tinted gel, know that the color should be slightly darker than that of your hair. You can replace the tinted gel with clear mascara mixed with a matte eye shadow.

Fixative gel for eyebrows

for example it is a fixing gel for eyebrows

transparent eyebrow gel

eyebrow mascara

Fine eyebrow makeup

The thick eyebrows are probably fashionable but for a moment the trend of fine eyebrows knows its rebirth.

examples of thick eyebrows

The fine eyebrows are more elegant and open the face and the look. So it's better to book a little time to learn how to make up this way.

Fine eyebrows - the timeless trend

fine eyebrows

First of all, forget the "tattoo" effect and bet on the more natural vision. The line does not have to be perfect. Do not be afraid to abuse mascara to emphasize the hair and not the line. Avoid touching the upper hairs, it gives a more natural finish.

We advise you to make up your complexion with your foundation. On the other hand it is not necessary that the eyebrows are hidden under the texture.

The right technique in eyebrow makeup

eyebrow makeup after laying the foundation

To make up fine eyebrows, leave the pencil apart. Opt for a paste, a texturizing powder or an eyebrow mascara. The mascara is to go over your eyebrows starting from the inside and going to the outside.

In order to intensify and fix we use special mascara

for example it's an eyebrow mascara

A beautiful look goes through impeccable eyebrows

eyebrow makeup before and after

eyebrow makeup before and after 1

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