Fabric wall storage to organize the room

The fabric wall storage is a practical, original and very nice way to organize small objects and decorate the wall

wall storage fabric

So the fabric wall storage will allow you to save space in the house and at the same time to decorate the walls well. It is very convenient to use daily, in the kitchen, bathroom, and the kid's room also for ordering small items like toys. And you can also store clothes in your pockets or a toothbrush.

Fabric wall storage for the nursery

gray and pink fabric wall storage

wall storage fabric

wall storage fabric 1

On the market there is a wide variety of models, in different colors, shapes and patterns, to suit your needs. Indeed, the other possibility and create yourself a fabric wall storage, using old jeans for example.

DIY wall storage, made using old jeans

Fabric wall storage for the nursery

Fabric wall storage for the nursery

Nevertheless wall storage is a good idea to decorate your child's room and at the same time to put the room in order.

wall storage fabric

No doubt the child's room is prettier

fabric wall storage 2

Hanging Storage with 3 Pockets - price € 12.99 on www.amazon.fr

fabric wall storage 3

It is a very practical storage, with three pockets in linen / cotton

fabric wall storage 4

Fabric wall organizer for the baby room - price 31,90 € on www.amazon.fr

wall storage fabric 5

Product without hazardous substances, made of cotton, which is also ideal for the cot

wall storage fabric 6

Fabric wall storage for the entrance or living room

fabric wall storage 7

Convenient storage for everyday use

fabric wall storage 8

Wall storage with 13 pockets - price 11,99 € on www.amazon.fr

fabric wall storage 9

It is an ideal product to be hung on a wall or a door at the entrance, or in the living room. Ideal to save space in your home and store cosmetics, keys, pens, books, glasses, and other accessories.

The fabric

From the perspective of the fabric of your wall storage, choose from cotton or linen, which are machine washable. And also materials that are of superior quality. Wall fixing is very easy and fast.

In small car patterns in blue, green and orange, with 2 large pockets

Fabric wall storage

It is an interior and creative solution, to organize the small objects of your office

wall storage fabric

A very pretty decoration, ideal for the child's room

Fabric wall storage

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