Facial cleansing brush to take care of the skin

The facial cleansing brush is an essential tool for deeply cleaning the skin.

face cleansing brush

To get a perfectly cleansed and radiant skin, remove makeup, exfoliate the face and eliminate blackheads, try the face cleansing brush. It is specifically created to gently purify, for a softer and radiant skin. Moisten your skin and apply a cleansing gel on the brush - that's all.

Discover here different models to purify your face.

face cleansing brush 1

So, on the market we can find brush for manual face cleaning, sonic vibration or with rotation of the brush.

face cleansing brush 2

manual face cleaning brush

face cleansing brush 3

To remove all impurities on the skin and gently clean it, the manual brush is the perfect solution, with its soft bristles made of synthetic material. Generally the brush purifies the skin more deeply than the hand wash, it is soft and fine. As a board of use, you should use it on a wet face, in combination with Marseille's soap for example, or other cleanser . And it's easy to use too - clean the face by circling and then rinse.

face cleansing brush 4

face cleansing brush 5

To clean the face

face cleansing brush 6

face cleaning brush 7

cleansing brush face 8

Brush to have a pure skin and more beautiful

cleansing brush face 9

electric cleaning brush with rotation

face cleansing brush rotation

Most of this type of cleaning brush allows you to choose different brushes depending on your skin - normal or sensitive. And also there are spare brushes - massage brush, classic or exfoliating brush. Also there are products with a sponge for a more precise application of makeup - foundation for example, or moisturizing creams and vegetable oils. To avoid blackheads, use the Exfoliating Brush and a product with micro-beads to remove dead skin cells, for sensitive skin - the special brush, whose bristles are softer.

rotating face cleansing brush 10

Cleansing face brush

face cleansing brush rotation 11

Since you can massage your face

face cleansing brush

Use the brush to apply more precisely the makeup

face brush

Finally, we must not forget to mention the sonic cleaning brushes:

Sonic face cleansing brush


It is a cleaning system thanks to the vibration of the brush for a thorough and gentle purification. That's why as a result you have a clean and glowing skin. The brush can be used on dry, oily and fragile skin too. And here several brushes are available - exfoliating, soft, for normal skin.

For a soft skin, deeply cleaned, more radiant and perfectly cleansed, do not hesitate to use a brush.

Brush that combines rotation and vibration


Vibrating face cleaning brush with silicone pins


cleansing brush face vibration

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