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Find here ideas and tips how to make the perfect eye liner, to emphasize your look

eye liner

The eyeliner is a feminine makeup, stylish, universal. The art of applying a perfect eye liner is difficult, but not impossible, you lack the practice and patience. In the end, after a few attempts and a lot of black cotton discs, you will learn the application technique.

Here we offer some ideas to inspire you and have a modern look using an eyeliner.

A wide range of products to choose

eye liner models for a perfect eye liner

Before putting the eye liner

  • First, you should always apply the eyeliner on eyelids without makeup. No doubt this will facilitate the application and will help you to make an accurate eye liner. But you can apply a base, for example a corrector, for a perfect result.
  • For example, to put your eyeliner perfectly, use a tape. This is the way to learn how to put your eyeliner very easily. In addition, this technique is ideal if your hands are shaking.
  • Avoid pulling the eyelid, to get a precise eye liner.
  • To begin, you must make a small line at the outer corner of the eye. Then start the line going from the inside to the outside of the eye (towards the small line at the outer corner of the eye). There you go!

An interesting idea for perfect makeup

tips how to make a line eye liner

How to apply your eyeliner without losing time

step by step eye liner

Another idea

line eye liner-step by step

What color of eyeliner for your eyes

  • Blue eyes: The perfect color for blue eyes is an eye liner in royal blue, or in black.

blue eyes line eye liner

  • Green eyes: Of course, an eye liner in black color is probably ideal for creating a contrast and highlighting green eyes. Also opt for a plum color eyeliner.

inspiration for green eyes

Combine two colors, when to apply the eyeliner

for green eyes - line eyeliner in black and gold

  • Brown-black eyes: In this case, you have a great choice of color point of view. Choose from warm colors, or even cold ones. Opt for black, navy blue, green, dark brown too.

Opt for blue, if you have brown-black eyes

makeup ideas how to apply eye liner

Eye liner in black

makeup for black eyes- eye liner

For an unforgettable look

yellow eyeliner line

according to the shape eye liner

eye liner

precise eyeliner line

line eye liner green eyes

idea make up line eye liner

idea brown eyes line eye liner

gorgeous makeup- black eye liner line

makeup eyes line eye liner

black eye liner

for green eyes trait eye liner ideas

eye liner line easily apply

colorful eyeliner line

eye liner line how to apply

line eye liner tips

line eye liner different colors

line eye liner two colors

line eye liner ideas

line eye liner makeup

green eyes line eye liner

green eyes line eye liner ideas

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