Feng shui bedroom - how to create an ideal bedroom

How to apply the Chinese art of feng shui in your bedroom, harmonize the energies, attract more harmony and tidy up a perfect feng shui room?

feng shui room

Feng Shui studies how the energies circulate around us and how they affect us. Vital energy - Chi must flow freely in space.

feng shui

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house because we spend the most time there. We'll give you tips on how to avoid negative energy, where to put the bed to the bedroom, TV, mirrors and other furniture too. First:

feng shui room

Where is the bedroom

How to orient your space to work according to the five elements - what is important here is the position of the room according to the other rooms at home. So, if you can choose which room to be your, prefer the bigger one. For a room to be feng shui, it must be clear, and if it is possible - placed north, northwest, northeast.

feng shui bedroom

The place of the bed

One of the very important elements for creating a feng shui room is the position of the bed. So specialists recommend sleeping in a natural wooden bed without metal parts. Here are some tips for placing the bed in the room, matching the energies.

room bed position feng shui

Do's and don'ts

feng shui room bed position

feng shui bedroom

  • Never place the bed in front of the bedroom door, this is the coffin position
  • For a feng shui room, the bed should not be placed under a window
  • Secure the headboard leaning along the wall
  • Do not place the bed in the center of the room
  • Avoid positioning the bed between the door and the window
  • The bed must be accessible from two sides, so that the Chi can circulate freely
  • Do not position the bed under a beam
  • Do not put books or other objects under the bed

For a feng shui room

feng shui room

Feng Shui Room 1

Avoid placing the bed under a window

feng shui bedroom

feng shui room

The mirrors in a feng shui room

Taboo! To have a room where the Chi energy is harmonious, avoid the mirrors in the room that reflect the bed. This will cause you nightmares or insomnia. But in case there is a mirror in the room, do not place it facing the bed. And at the same time, you can cover it every night.

If possible, avoid mirrors

feng shui room with mirror

And the TV too

modern bedroom feng shui


Avoid all electrical devices such as televisions or computers in the bedroom.

feng shui room

Feng Shui Room 2

Bedroom without a TV

feng shui room


An ideal feng shui bedroom must be in light, pastel, warm, neutral colors, and no aggressive, aggressive colors - electric, for example. Or, choose earth colors, such as beige or light yellow, or other harmonious colors.

bedroom pastel colors

feng shui room

Since the decor must be in pairs

feng shui room


The feng shui room must have objects in pairs to create a balance. Two identical lamps, two bedside tables etc. And also the photos in the room must represent the couple, and the love between them, but not photos of children or family.

Example of feng shui decoration

feng shui decorating room

feng shui

And another feng shui room

feng shui room

Pastel shades for a feng shui bedroom


bedroom 3


And finally

lucky bamboo feng shui

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