Feng Shui Garden - Tips and Ideas for Your Zen Zone

Design the garden according to the principles of Feng Shui

The garden is the extension of the house. According to the Chinese practice Feng Shui the vital energy Chi passes and carries wealth, happiness and calm in case that the spaces are arranged according to his instructions.

Feng Shui literally translates to 'wind' and 'water'. The main objective of this belief is to harmonize the energy of the Chi nature in order to improve the health of stressed citizens of everyday life.

Feng Shui is a millennial practice

the symbol of yin and yang

The principles of a garden Feng Shui

A garden Feng Shui is separated in different zones and the storage of each one of them must respect the nature and must harmonize five very distinct elements: wood (shrubs, trees, benches ...), water (basins, fountains, swimming pools ...), fire (lanterns, solar lights, torches ...), earth (soil, stones ...), metal (tomato stakes, chimes ...).

In order to be qualified as healthy and harmonious, an environment must respect the forces of nature

a small pond in a garden feng shui

According to the traditions of Feng Shui the garden must be divided into nine zones, that is to say in 3 rows and 3 columns. The easiest way to do this is by using a compass. First of all you have to determine the directions of the garden. Then you have to draw the garden by placing the North at the bottom of the leaf. Each cardinal point corresponds to an area of ​​life. The central area is Tai Chi where the vital potential is. The vital energy Chi comes from the opposition of Yin (cold, passivity) and Yang (fire, activity) and at the same time from their balance.

Indeed, Feng Shui is based on a rich and complex thought, deepened thoroughly

beautiful feng shui garden

Feng Shui helps us fight against stress

Zen garden with sand alleys

In a garden Feng Shui Chi must be able to move freely. So be careful of the pathways that run in your garden. So it is not recommended to clutter the space too much. On the other hand one can put large pots which carry, according to the Chinese, luck, abundance and good energies. It is also good to privilege water as a source of prosperity in the form of small streams, waterfalls, basins.

In the same way that water can be stagnant, Qi can stagnate in a house, especially because of congestion

feng shui garden with pond in china

Lay out outdoor spaces, even if they are small

actually water is an important element in the zen garden

Flora and fauna in the garden Feng Shui

A Zen garden is mostly a mineral garden, dry, devoid of vegetation. It is rich in rocks, gravel or sand. However, the rock can be combined with suitable plants to accentuate and enhance the idea of ​​well-being. For example, you can bet on bamboo and bonsai. Do not hesitate to let foam develop.

Feng Shui Garden. Indirect light is used to direct the Chi

big lantern in a garden feng shui

According to the principles of Feng Shui indirect light is used to direct Chi. It is recommended to place lamps, lanterns and lanterns. Among the things that promote the circulation of vital energy are stone statues, fountains with 8 Koi carp or goldfish that attract luck, and furniture with rounded shapes and natural materials.

Important: Do not forget to attract birds, butterflies and bees to your Zen garden.

Harmony between man and his environment

feng shui garden

How to design the garden Feng Shui and its areas

Feng Shui recommends that the house be surrounded on three sides (the back, the left and the right) by protective elements. In addition, the shape of the garden is also important: square or rectangular.

You have to make a good cleaning before putting away your garden according to the principles of Feng Shui. Clean up, delete, tear off everything that is useless, sick, dirty, dead.

By interacting the elements, the colors, the forms and the symbols between them, one acts positively on its existence

feng shui garden with a stone walkway and bonzais

South areas

The South embodies success, fame and summer. Fire and red color dominate. So you have to put red flowers: roses, poppy, peonies, geranium, anemone. The shape of the garden of the South zone is the triangle.

The South East represents wealth and spring. The dominant element is wood and the color is purple. Shape: rectangle. We must plant wisteria, lilac, lavender, hyacinth, azalea, rhododendron, aubrietus, violet, crocus.

The Southwest symbolizes the couple. The element is earth and the colors are pink, yellow, orange and ocher. The shape of this area is the square. This is the area to grow vegetables and flowers such as snapdragons, hibiscus, wallflowers, daffodils, pansies, nasturtiums, gladioli, daffodils.

Everyone is more and more interested in improving their habitat

example of feng shui storage in a garden

North areas

This is the quarry and winter zone. There they dominate the water and the blue color. The form to be respected is the sinuosity and the elements which must be integrated there are rocks and blue flowers: iris, periwinkles, delphiniums, water lilies, lotus, iris, thoughts.

The North East symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. The element earth dominates there and also the colors yellow, orange, ocher. The shape is the square. The flowers to be favored are: hedges, groves, nasturtiums, daffodils, mimosas, snapdragons, hibiscus, daffodils, corests, sunflowers.

North West represents support, friendship, guide and fall. The metal must be present and also the colors white, gray and silver. The form is the circle. It's good to plant lily of the valley, lilies, sagebrush, jasmine and magnolias.

The garden is the extension of the house

garden where the colors of feng shui are respected

East zone

This area representing health and spring is dominated by wood. The color that prevails is green and the shape is the rectangle. Favorable area to grow medicinal plants.

The ideal garden Feng Shui is characterized by a large amount of species of flowers, trees and shrubs

feng shui garden with the symbol of yin and yang

West area

It's the area of ​​family, children and creativity. The main element is the metal and the color is white. The shape of the West zone is the circle. It would be nice to plant shrubs with white leaves and flowers like magnolias, lilies, jasmine, daisies and lily of the valley.

In an environment that respects the principles of Feng Shui, people feel good

the principles of feng shui in a garden

The central zone

The element of the Tai Chi zone is the earth and the color is yellow. This area embodies unity, harmony and balance. It must connect all areas of the garden.

Keep balance between the different elements of the garden

feng shui object

Fountain, basin or small stream, located in particular in the area of ​​Fortune, bring a relaxing effect

stone statue

The pace of life creates the need for a place of relaxation where we leave aside the worries and stress of everyday life and that we feel good. Once you decide to arrange your interior and exterior according to the principles of Feng Shui, you will probably guarantee moments of happiness and well-being.

The art of Feng Shui is to study the energies present in a place and to use them at best in order to move towards a better life

garden tidy according to feng shui guidelines

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