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The teak table - practical and decorative furniture

Today we talk about teak table - a great accessory for your home.

Native to Asia, in a perimeter including Burma, Thailand, Laos, India, Malaysia, teak wood has spread over the centuries. Today it is a material used in different industries such as boating and furniture manufacturing.

Teak (Tectona Grandis) is a tropical tree of the Verbenaceae family. It is a precious wood whose color varies between bronze and beige. Teak contains a natural oleoresin that makes it extremely weather resistant.

On the technical side, it is easy to work. It can be cut and sanded without problem. In addition, thanks to its stability, it oxidizes, evolves in time sometimes taking a gray silver tone, but does not destroy itself.

Teak is extremely stable, half heavy and non-slip when wet. The oleoresin containing it protects from moisture by making it waterproof. Exposed outside it becomes gray. In indoor use, the teak takes on a golden brown hue.

Teak maintenance

If you like the gray hue of teak, let it evolve naturally. However, it must be cleaned from time to time to remove microorganisms or dirt. If you want to regain its original color it must be renovated regularly. Brushing with soapy water is enough.

As for the protection, teak oil can be used to impregnate the pores of the wood and thus to regenerate the oleoresin which tends to disappear on the periphery. This oil has an anti-UV which forms a surface veil and slows the oxidation of teak.

It's important to know that you should not rub your teak with a hard brush. Since it is a medium hardwood, it consists of two distinct growth zones: hard and soft. Softwood wears faster than hardwood and teak ages faster.

In short, the teak is maintained according to its destination (for interior or exterior) and its finish. Each of these finishes defines a color and style of furniture.
- The rough finish: the teak has a clear color and a matte appearance, it is very trendy. He makes each piece of furniture a unique piece.
- The polished finish: teak has a color similar to raw natural teak. It gives the furniture a charm and elegance.
- The oiled finish: it increases the natural pigment of wood. Its color is golden satin. In oiled finish the more oil you spend, the darker the wood gets.

A teak table

A stylish piece of furniture, the teak table fits both inside and out. On the terrace, in the dining room or in the garden, she is always elegant and practical.

In addition to its originality, the teak table is also advantageous in many ways. Wherever you choose for a teak garden table or an indoor table, you will appreciate its resistance, its warm colors and its brown reflections.

A teak table can adopt a traditional style, exotic or a modern strand depending on the atmosphere that suits you better. If you are already seduced by the idea of ​​equipping your house with such furniture, you may find your model in our selection.

The best models on

Folding round garden table in solid teak. Price: EUR 245,30 on

for example a solid teak garden round table

Folding round coffee table in teak. Price: EUR 69.00 on

folding teak coffee table

Oval garden table in oiled teak wood. Price: EUR 309.00 on

for example an oval teak garden table

Folding Table Teak Wood / Galvanized Steel. Price: EUR 200.68 on

for example it is a folding table in teak wood

Oval garden table in oiled teak with butterfly extension. Price: EUR 285,00 on

for example it is an oval table oiled teak with butterfly

Garden coffee table in teak. Price: EUR 155,30 on

for example it is a coffee table teak

XXL garden table in oiled teak - double butterfly extension. Price: EUR 499,00 on

xxl table in oiled teak

Rectangular teak table. Price: EUR 699.00 out of

rectangular teak table

Garden table in raw teak wood. Price: EUR 359,00 on

raw teak wood table

Folding round teak table. Price: EUR 369.00 on

for example it is a round teak folding table

Folding square teak table. Price: EUR 379.00 on

square teak folding table

Garden teak table for 10 people. Price: EUR 359.00 on

for example it is a garden teak table for 10 people

High table in solid teak. Price: EUR 1,235.00 on

solid teak high table

Oval table in solid teak. Price: EUR 735.00 on

for example it is an oval table in solid teak

Square table in solid teak. Price: EUR 345,00 out of

for example it is a square table in solid teak

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