Fleur de lys - decoration ideas with this pretty plant

The fleur-de-lis is very often present in the decoration

Lilium comes from the Greek word 'leirion', a word that is among the first to designate the fleur-de-lis. This plant grows all over the world and has been important in dozens of cultures throughout the centuries. Today there are many variations of culture with different colors and shapes of petals.

If you visit some castles of the Loire, you can see this flower strong symbolism, marked by history, especially kings of France. For example, the crest of the crown represented three flowers of lily, evoking the Holy Trinity but also the Christian virtues (faith, hope and charity).

The lily is also associated with the sun's rays. In the past the alchemists considered it a lunar plant. Nowadays in China, she is often used for weddings because her name sounds like the beginning of a sentence wishing the couple a happy union for a century. Moreover, according to the belief, the plant would help relieve heartaches after the loss of a loved one.

The lily has always aroused admiration

lily flower

The symbolism of colors

Indeed, the language of flowers is very important when offering a bouquet. The whiteness of the lily always symbolizes purity and innocence, but also the Virgin Mary, which explains why it adorns churches and often wedding ceremonies. Pure love and nobility of feelings are closely linked to the plant but also to the marital union.

In red color, the fleur-de-lis embodies passion. When it is pink, known as Stargazer lily, affection, ambition and tenderness; yellow - friendship, good health and enthusiasm; and orange - desire. In any case, it is sure that the pretty lily can add a lot of elegance to each message that it transmits and that it pleases the one who receives it.

The strength and beauty of the fleur-de-lis have taken root in the cultures of the world. Very appreciated in the gardens, the richness of its colors and its good behavior in vase make it a perfect plant for the interior decoration. More and more present on the silverware, the curtains or the wallpaper, this decorative floral design symbolizes a royal style and a majestic elegance. Discover all the symbolism of this charming flower to bring wealth and splendor into your life.

Elegant appearance embodied in these iron cages

fleur de lys cages

The flower means royalty and a majestic look

spoons decorated with lily flowers

Passion and dynamism

fleur de lis wall decor

Purity and beauty

cotton duvet and fleur de lis pillows

Living room or office decoration

lily flower decor

fleur de lys wall shelf

salt pepper set

fleur de lys jewelry

porcelain fleur de lys plate

fleur de lys wall decoration

fleur de lys wall sticker

lily flower accent mirrors

fleur de lys watch

engagement ring

porcelain lily flower cup

stylized lily flowers wallpaper

wall hangers shabby chic fleur de lys

curtains fleur de lys

wall mirror in the shape of a fleur de lys

fleur de lys jewelry box

candle holders with lily flowers

fleur de lis wall decoration

water jet decoration fleur de lys

fleur de lis vase

paper with fleur de lys

fleur-de-lys motif desk in patina

fleur de lys deco motif for fireplace

lilium wall decoration

wall decoration lily flower kitchen

outdoor deco fleur de lys

3d fleur de lys wall painting

mosaic fleur de lys

fleur de lys candle

fleur de lys decorative pie

fleur de lis cushion

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