Fleur de lys tattoo - lots of model ideas

Fleur de lis tattoo - it's pretty but do you know what it means?

Today we are talking about the fleur-de-lis tattoo and its many meanings. Apart from the aesthetic effect, it's always good to know what this brand embodies. Find out if this design is suitable for you depending on the idea you have in mind and your motives for achieving it.

This tattoo will highlight your silhouette with its elegant and sensual curves

lilies and butterflies tattoo

First of all some history. The lily is a flower native to Asia that is brought to Europe by the Crusaders. Since the Capetian dynasty chose it as a royal symbol in the 12th century, it has become a significant flower linked to royalty (in stylized form), to the glory and prosperity of kings, and to Christianity.

Very popular in heraldry too.

The fleur de lys could be represented in many styles and colors

tattoo lily back

There are different legends in many ancient civilizations. In the ancient Greeks, the lily is created from a drop of milk fallen from the breast of the goddess Hera (or Juno, according to some sources). So she is a symbol of sexuality and fertility. In addition, it is customary for banquets to be connected with flowers by crossing them together to make tablecloths. In ancient China this flower was linked to abundance. According to the Christian church, the white lily represents the Virgin Mary and her purity and innocence. The flower can also be associated with faith and love towards God. There are lilies in many religious books.

Tattoo idea for women

orange lily tattoo

A unisex tattoo

The meaning of a tattoo Lily flower can vary depending on the color. The white flower symbolizes purity and love. The yellow lily symbolizes friendship but also pride. The pink color is associated with gentleness and tenderness.

Specialists recommend opting for white and black for your fleur-de-lis tattoo

tattoo woman lys two colors

Generally, the lily and its variations are very often used because of the aesthetically beautiful effect they give. For example, when talking about art and drawing, tattoos created using this motif are absolutely unique. The characteristics attributed to them are suitable for people who possess power, honor, taste and elegance.

The lily flowers are loved all over the world

tattoos three lilies

One of the main advantages of a fleur-de-lis tattoo is that, unlike the rest of the flowers, it corresponds to both sexes. That is why it is something that can be worn by women as well as men, without this being considered inappropriate.

tattoo flower lily woman

lily and butterfly tattoo foot

lily tattoo 3d

red lily tattoo

big tattoo lily

lily tattoo back woman

tattoo flower lily man

lily flower tattoo design

lily black tattoo

beautiful lily tattoo

lily discreet tattoo

lily tattoo woman

tattoo two lilies

lily female tattoo

colorful lily flower tattoo

tattoo flower lily biceps man

blue lily tattoo

purple lily tattoo

tattoo pattern fleur de lys

tattooed lilies

tattoo fleur de lis foot

beautiful tattoo fleur de lys

tattoo design lily

lily tattoo man

tattoo lily flower

pink lily tattoo

lily tattoo woman

lily tattoo

lily tattoo design

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