Folding easy and original towel to make the table interesting

Discover here our interesting tips how to decorate your table in an original way, by making an unforgettable and unique towel folding

tips how to do folding towel

If you have the inspiration and time to fold napkins into interesting shapes, you have the opportunity to get a very nice towel, and a perfectly decorated table. When talking about decorating a table, folding napkin is a basic technique. It's totally an art, whose realization turns the ordinary table into a masterpiece that will surprise guests at your party.

You can create a real magic of paper napkins, for example in the shape of a flower or even a swan and others. We present you a selection of towels, which are very easy to make, for an original decoration. First, we will start with a simple and easy technique.

Folding towel easy to do

simple and easy idea of ​​folding towel

You must do…

easy and simple folding napkin

Another original idea

folding towel for adorable decoration

Folding napkin

You need a square towel, in non-woven paper, in green, yellow or orange color. Fold the towel in half, diagonally, to obtain a triangle. After that fold the accordion towel, and when you finish, fold it in half. Tie a small ribbon at the end, to support the leaf. And now, you have a sheet-shaped towel.

folding sheet towel ideas easy to make

How to turn the towel into a sheet

leaf folding wattel leaf

How to make an envelope-shaped towel

It's an original way to add a touch of elegance and style to your table, realizing this decoration technique. First, unfold the towel. Take the two edges of the napkin and fold them towards each other to form two triangles. Then fold the envelope base twice, to obtain an envelope-shaped towel.

envelope folding towel

for example

diy towel shape wrapping folding towel

Another idea how to make an envelope towel

envelope towel folding

Folding towel shaped cover pouch

To make a covered towel cover, you need a square folded towel. You must fold three diagonally, folding the second under the first, and the third under the second thickness. Then turn the towel over and fold the right and left sides to the middle of the towel. Finally, return the towel again. It is an easy and quick technique to create a table decorated with style.

do folding with pouches folding towel

fold towel-pocket-easy

folding towel pouch cover

For a well decorated table

flower folding towel

Bunny towel

adorable bunny folding napkin

rabbit folding towel

And how to realize this idea

Folding interesting folding napkin

folding towel fun

shirt folding towel

adorable towel folding towel

shirt folding towel

tips folding towel

idea folding party towel

folding towel in gray

adorable folding towel

art folding towel

folding red towel

for a pretty table

for your table folding towel

deco table folding towel

decorated table folding towel

folding towel

folding napkin for an interesting table

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