Garden decoration with pebbles or what we talk pebbles

Why a garden decoration with pebbles?

In fact, bathed by rivers and oceans, pebbles arrive at home smooth, multiform and multicolored to decorate gardens and patios. As far as their symbolism proves, life must pass like water on the pebbles, without problems, without obstacles. Either round or flat, they are used as construction material of calades and landscaping gardens. Since the garden decoration with pebbles is proclaimed "art", it becomes trendy and it is not mandatory to be a specialist to take things in his hands.

Large carved pebbles in the shape of autumn leaves

Garden decoration with pebbles pretty trail surrounding a huge flowerpot

Decorating with pebbles is a real art

Garden decoration with pebbles a big project begins

The choice of pebbles is important

Garden decoration with pebbles large choice of pebbles

Garden decoration with pebbles arrangement in action

Begin the project decoration garden with pebbles

To sublimate your garden, just decide what to create and where to dispose. Our proposals for garden decoration with pebbles are for all tastes. So, path or path, flowerbed or border, the magnificent creations transform your garden into paradise.

Beautiful circles of multicolored pebbles and creeping plants

Garden decoration with pebbles large stones as borders

Heather and creeping plants

Garden decoration with pebble gravel path

Pebble path and two steps to a small round space

Garden decoration with pebbles wide variety of plants and flowers

Rich color palette

Garden decoration with pebbles pieces of ocher rock

Apart from aesthetics, the garden decoration with pebbles has a practical side. The arrangement with pebbles prevents the invasion of the ground by weeds. At the same time, other plants, bushes and succulents, feel comfortably in these natural conditions. This is because the pebbles save the freshness of the soil after watering.

Pebbles protect the roots of palms

Garden decoration with grass pebbles surrounded by a path

White and blue pebbles for the band and the walking area

Garden decoration with pebbles wooden fence

Garden decoration with pebbles huge flower pots

Some practical tips

Lest weeds persist, it is advisable to try to uproot them. In any case, it is not easy and requires physical effort. Herbicide treatment does not guarantee the result.

Square tiles complemented with multicolored pebbles

Garden decoration with pebble path winding in the garden

Multicolored pebble flowers

Garden decoration with pebbles

As in all projects, you must have a design before. First of all, study the characteristics of the soil because as soon as you deposit the pebbles, the treatment of the soil of fertilizer and other means of improvement will be impossible. By this activity, you will ensure qualities conducive to the planting of suitable vegetation including connives, cacti and succulents.

Sand he, too, retains moisture.

Large granite slabs like trail edges

Garden decoration with pebbles small path in a corner of the garden

With the pebbles you give expression to your imagination

Garden decoration with pebbles or what we talk pebbles

Pebbles fix the pieces of rock

Garden decoration with pebbles gardening in action

Small plants at equal distances

Garden decoration with pebbles floor in large slabs

If you have finalized the preparatory work, sketch out your garden decoration project with pebbles. Of course the plethora of models makes it difficult to choose, but you must be aware of the dimensions of space.

The additional decoration

As for the figures composed with the help of pebbles, they can be of all kinds: straight lines and curves, spirals, geometrical figures, flowers, small and big circles. You can even imitate Roman and Greek mozaics.

Pretty creation of the imagination

Garden decoration with pebbles path under construction

Pebble spirals in gray and black

Garden decoration with pebbles all kinds of pebbles

Some kinds of draceena in jars protected from bushes

Garden decoration with pebbles well groomed

Anyway, the decoration garden with pebbles does not finish there: the construction of a small fountain small figurines in plaster or ceramic will brighten the mood.

Do not forget that you will develop this little paradise to relax and that your eyes enjoy this beauty every day. So, a small coffee corner will not be superfluous: a table and some chairs will marry perfectly with the arrangement of your garden.

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