Gardening with the moon: why we follow the lunar influences

Gardening with the moon - learn to respect the rules of nature

Do you know that it is useful to garden with the moon? To understand why this is so, we must first think about the interdependence between all the elements of nature. For example, the moon and its position in the sky are strongly involved in the rise of plant sap. Thus, in the same logic, the moon helps gardeners to perform their tasks at the right time.

The lunar calendar will allow you to know the most favorable periods to carry out the gardening work

garden according to the lunar calendar

Biodynamic agriculture works with the lunar calendar (and the positioning of planets)


A few days a month the earth and the moon are the most distant (apogee) or the nearest (perigee). The days when the earth's orbit around the sun intersects that of the moon are called lunar knots. The plants are disturbed and gardeners do not touch anything in the gardens.

Gardening with the moon to have a beautiful garden and beautiful harvests of fruits and vegetables


Use the calendar to schedule your gardening sessions, planting or planting

square of vegetable garden

The moon during its journey around the earth crosses twelve groups of stars: the zodiacal constellations. Each constellation has an influence on a part of the plant. Thus, the constellations of Libra, Gemini or Aquarius are favorable to flowers. When the moon is in the constellations of Scorpio, Pisces or Cancer its influence is on the leaves and stems. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are good for roots. And Aries, Leo and Sagittarius help with fruits and seeds.

Cultivate your garden in a natural way following the lunar rhythms


the role of the one in gardening

Rising moon and descending moon

The position of the moon in the sky varies every day. From the full moon, we see that the moon is rising in the sky. The opposite trend is observed about thirteen to fourteen days later. If you observe the moon, it is easy to see its movement: from one day to another it is higher. It means that the moon is rising or rising. If it is lower, it is descendant.

Every month of the year, intervene in the garden according to the moon thanks to the lunar calendar

apricot fruit

lunar calendar of gardening

The rising moon is favorable to the leaves of vegetables. The sap of the plants is attracted to the upper parts to the foliage. These days are profitable for everything that happens above the ground. It's the time to pick the fruits. The descending moon is favorable to bulbs and roots of vegetables. The sap is concentrated at this level, that is to say that the period is conducive to all the processes that take place underground. So it's time to sow, plant, transplant your root vegetables. Finally, work your land during this period, this is when microbial activity is greatest.

Lunar attraction has an important influence on plants and the choice of the best moments for gardening

garden with the moon every month

Moon increasing and decreasing moon

When we talk about a growing or decreasing moon this is the magnitude of the lunar disc and not to its positioning in the sky. The moon is said to be "rising" from the new moon to the full moon. It is a favorable period for harvests. The moon is called "decreasing" from the full moon to the new moon; this is an ideal time for fertilization.

The position of the moon acts on the ground and the plants

increasing and decreasing moon

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