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Door Marquise - Protective and Decorative Functions

In architecture and construction a door canopy is a glazed awning, located above a front door, a porch or a window, and serves as a shelter. It is established along the houses, in the courtyards, at the door of public institutions, theaters, concert halls, restaurants, railway platforms, cafes, etc.

Generally, the roofs of canopies are glazed, in wood or zinc. Modern models can be plexiglass. The structure of a canopy is normally metal (more rarely wood). These covers are sealed in the wall, held with anchors, supported by iron brackets or elegant cast iron columns. As for the form, most often it is rectangular with one, two or three slopes, or in a semicircle.

In different sizes and shapes, classic or modern, you can choose a canopy that integrates with the style of your home and your roof

marquise galvanized iron

Above all, a door canopy has the effect of being decorative. Discreet, but effective, it gives a modern and aesthetic look to a facade. Secondly, it protects the visitors from the weather at the entrance gate. An indisputable charm is brought to the houses thanks to this essential accessory.

Available with or without ornaments, canopies can be custom made to suit your needs. The robust and quality materials used for construction and plate are of new generation: covered with painting cooked not favoring rust.

The door awning also allows you to benefit from a brightness thanks to the creative design and the tempered glass that is often used for the plate.

The Marquise avoids rainwater flowing over the facade of the house

Awning in kit for entrance door

DIY - The laying of a door awning

To ensure a seal on your home, however, the Marquise requires a number of operations to be installed. If you want to do it alone, think about getting ready beforehand.

First of all, it is more than advisable to choose your marquise, especially as regards the design. To better match the style of your front door and the roof of the house, different models exist for both the frame and the plate (wood, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, polycarbonate etc.). Moreover, it would be necessary to calculate the dimensions as well.

It is always nice to be protected from the weather while you open the front door of the house

awning for door

In general, a door awning installs in two stages : the laying of the structure and that of the plate. Concerning the structure, it is necessary to define two elements: the height and the alignment with the door of entrance. Finally, the structure is installed at the level of the management.

Once the structure is fixed, simply place the plate, while ensuring the correct installation. When properly positioned, it should be attached to the structure using the fasteners included by the manufacturer.

Feel free to take a look at our selection of beautiful awning models.

wooden awning

marquise wrought iron

steel door canopy

marquise glass

canopy for fir door

marquise door

marquise and two sconces

door awning

marquise iron

marquise plexiglass varnish

hotel awning

marquise wrought iron

door awning

marquise iron and ice

large door awning

marquise in tiles

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