Glass bottle decoration - how to customize your bottles in an original way

Dress up a simple glass bottle with a glass bottle decoration. These old bottles can bring an original touch to your home.

glass bottle decoration how to do

In case you have a lot of bottles, do not throw them away! We will give you tips on how to turn them into a masterpiece of art. Give free rein to your imagination and creativity!

Decorated bottles

glass bottle for home decoration

And then, you can transform the glass bottle in a jiffy, using special glass paint. For example, there are glass paints that give a shiny, frosted or moire effect for example. Before painting the bottles, clean the glass surface, inside too, and let it dry. In addition, rub the surface with a cloth soaked in alcohol to disinfect.

Glass bottle decoration with a bottle of golden and pastel paint

decoration glass bottle in gold and pink color

A bottle in blue

deco glass bottle in blue

Glass painting

Generally, painting on glass is a technique that can decorate each glass surface. Depending on the desired effect, you can opt for opaque, or even transparent, glass paint. First you have to choose the color of the bottle, in order to get an impressive decorative object. To draw on, use a synthetic or natural bristle brush. And at the same time, you still have a chance to decorate old bottles - aerosol or spray paint. It can cover large areas very easily and quickly.

Decorate with a paint inside the bottle

glass bottle decoration in red and pink

Bottles in black

bottle decoration in black and pink color

DIY vases

decoration glass bottle in gold, white and green color

Trendy bottles in black

Glass bottle decoration - how to customize your bottles in an original way

Inspiration in mint green

vase and flowers

Glass bottles to transform to create unique vases

a bottle as decoration at home

Relief effect

In case you want to create a relief effect on the bottle, you can use a glue gun, let it dry and then paint the surface. In addition, for a 3D effect, opt for polymer clay on the bottle.

decoration glass bottle glass painting

decoration white and blue glass bottle

And another original idea

decoration glass bottle puffy paint

Glass bottle decoration using eggshells

To create a mosaic effect and give a unique touch, we advise you to use eggshells. To do this, break the egg shell into small pieces and stick them on the surface of the bottle using the small tongs. From there, you can cover the mosaic with paint or spray.

Decorate with eggshells

Glass bottle decoration using eggshells

Decoration glass bottles with paper towels

To transform and customize a bottle, in an easy way, rely on the technique of sticking towels. You will need a glass bowl, napkins, a brush and nail polish. Cut out the reasons for the napkins, glue the bottle and add the pieces of napkins. And finally put a layer of varnish glue on it.

Napkins - deco idea about bottles

deco bottle towels

Since the bottles decorated with towels are very pretty

very pretty bottles

And also

deco of bottles covered with towels

paper to turn a glass bottle

Bottles covered with rope

So, that's another nice idea to turn old bottles. In order to achieve it, all you need is a glass bottle, cotton string and glue.

Bottles covered with rope

Old bottle of wine

Bottles covered with vase and flowers rope

And still a bottle deco idea

Bottles covered with rope many colors

Bottles and wire

Bottles covered with rope

Perce that the transformed bottle is very pretty

deéco glass bottle

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